b. February 3, 2021
Island Shilohs, Bahamas
3 boys, 2 girls; all sable plush


JnL’s Return to Z’ender
aka Zephyr
b. April 9, 2013 | Brown Sable Plush
sire: NSx6 rbCH Brk Chapls Irish Red O Bearpaw TT, CGC, ROM
dam: Graced by His Rainbow of JnL
height/weight: 28″ 102lbs
hips: OFA Good SLH-812G40M-VPI
elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL576M40-VPI
heart: OFA Normal SLH-CA615/50M/P-PI-ECHO
DM: normal/normal via parentage


bCHptd Island’s Femme Fatale TT
aka Vamp
b. April 26, 2017 | bi-black/cream plush
sire: RSS Gentle Spirit of the Wind ROM
dam: bCH BcCH Islands Singing Diva of Sunshine CGC, TT
hips: OFA Good SLH-988G27F-PI
elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL745F27-PI
heart: holter (1,0,0) 7M; and,
OFA Normal SLH-ACA53/27F-VPI (Echo)
Thyroid: 2.3 normal (2019)
TLI: 6.8, normal (2019)
dm: DM Carrier GenSol #71987, 9/21/2017

Augusta Wellington, Island Shilohs
website: www.islandshilohs.com
email: augustalynn@msn.com
(917) 763-2624


due Early February 20, 2021
Ridgewood Shilohs | Pennsylvania


BG Hot To Trot, CGC
aka Isaac
b. October 5, 2015 | bi-black/tan smooth
sire: BG Kiss My AZ
dam: The Generals Daughter V Hilandr
height/weight: 28.5″ 132lbs
hips: PH L 0.23 R 0.28, no OA, 90th% #113329
elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL648M25-NOPI
heart: holter (4,0,0) 10M; and,
OFA Normal SLH-CA640/28M/P-PI-ECHO
dm: OFA Normal SLH-DM341/36M-PI


Ridgewood’s Not My Fault, TT
aka Winnie
b. August 22, 2017 | brown sable plush
sire: rbCH Ridgewood-BrickChapels $weet $urprize TT, CGC, HIT
dam: GV rbCh RSS-SD’s Stepping Back In Time CGC, TT
hips: OFA Good SLH-991G24F-VPI
elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL749F24-VPI
heart: holter (0,0,0) 6M; and,
OFA Normal SLH-CA649/13F/P-PI-ECHO
eyes: OFA Normal SLH-EYE72/14F-VPI, 2018
dm: DM Normal, GenSol #136411, 12/28/2018

Christi Yonavick, Ridgewood Shilohs
website: www.ridgewoodshilohs.com
email: ridgewoodshilohs@gmail.com
Birdsboro, Pennsylvania

Healthy Hearts – Thank You!

On behalf of the ISSDC & our Healthy Hearts ~ Heart Monitor program, we would officially like to thank The Shiloh Shepherd Health Initiative for their very generous donation of a heart monitor. This monitor will be staying on the West Coast to expedite delivery to Shilohs out that way needing to be tested. 

We are extremely grateful for this very generous donation to our program. This is a very expensive piece of equipment and could ultimately help save a life of one of our Shilohs. 

If anyone has any used/unused gear, equipment or resources they would like to donate to the ISSDC Healthy Hearts, Kodiak Wheels,  Rescue~Rehome or any of our other programs, please contact me or any other board member and we will make sure it gets put to optimal use. 

Thank you so very much again to the Shiloh Shepherd Health Initiative for your very generous donation. Our members are all extremely grateful! 

Learn more about Healthy Hearts [HERE] ~ 6/7/2020


Anticipated 2021
Island Shilohs, Bahamas


NSx2 rbCH Stardust’s Rebel Rebel CGC, TT
aka Ziggy
b. April 24, 2013 | bi-black sable/silver plush
sire: NSx5 MBIS bdrsCH Ridgewood’s The Jokes On You! CGN, CGC, TT
dam: brCH Stardust’s Wish Upon a Star CGC, TT, ROM
height/weight: 29.5″ 126 lbs
hips: PennHip L 0.18 R 0.23, no DJD; and,
OFA Excellent SLH-744E24M-VPI
elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL509M24-VPI
heart: holter (0,0,0) 8M; and,
OFA Normal Cardiologist SLH-CA544/25M/C-VPI-ECHO
thyroid: OFA Normal SLH-TH281/24M-VPI, 2015
TLI: 21.3, 5/2015
dm: OFA Carrier SLH-DM280/24M-PI-CAR


Island’s Unchained My Heart, CGC
aka Ray
b. May 12, 2016 | bi-black sable/cream plush
sire: GVx2 SGrCh NSx6 rBrch ICch POTY
Brick Chapel’s Beloved Shayne TT, TDI, CGC
dam: Islands Mystic Gypsy of Genesis
hips: OFA Excellent SLH-918E27F-VPI
elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL685F27-VPI
heart: holter (0,0,0) 5M; and,
OFA Normal Echo SLH-ACA28/27F-VPI
thryoid: Normal, 10/8/2018 Texas A&M
TLI: 12.5 ng/mL, 10/8/2018 Texas A&M
dm: Normal/Normal via parentage

Augusta Wellington, Island Shilohs
website: www.islandshilohs.com
email: augustalynn@msn.com
(917) 763-2624