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  • Single Membership: The person named on the application.
  • Family Membership: The person named on the application plus the immediate [spouse or children] family members listed.
  • Breeder/Stud Owner Single Membership*: Breeder/Stud owner named on the application.
  • Breeder/Stud Owner Family Membership*: Breeder/Stud owner named on the application.

*additional breeder/stud owner benefits include breeder’s listing, stud book listing & current/upcoming litter advertisement and more.

  • Breeder Gift Membership**
    available to our Breeder Members in good standing for their new puppy buyers. [learn more]

The ISSDC, Inc. retains the right to refuse or revoke membership.

  • Renewing Membership expires December 31st of the current year regardless of date renewed. All renewals are due no later than January 31st.
  • New Members joining prior to September 30th of the current year expire December 31st of the same year; those joining after October 1st of the current year expire December 31st of the following year. Applies to new memberships or memberships lapsed for two years or more.
  • Note: Membership paid after January 31st of each year lose their voting privileges for the current annual election, but retain all other membership rights.

and with Breeder/Stud Membership

  • Breeder’s Network of support & sharing
  • Access to Stud Book (login to members forum and breeder/stud membership is required for access)
  • Breeder’s Listing on this website
    – includes, member name, kennel name, location, phone, website and email
    – brief summary ad for kennel; note this is not the location for litter advertising
  • Litter Advertising on this website
    – if bitch owner is the member, full contact information of breeder and stud owner
    – if litter is co-owned, breeder member contact information is primary
    – if stud owner is the member, contact information of stud owner only along with note stating they would have a puppy available

Members Forum: The following criteria are a requirement for access to ISSDC Members Only area:

  • Your ISSDC membership must be current
  • You must register here with the same email address you used in your ISSDC application. The software used for our online members forum requires an additional registration that is separate from the application used to join the club.
  • Helpful hint, sign up with the same login/password as you use on the Shilohs eGroup

Although our ISSDC Member Forum does not replace our public informational Shilohs list found on Yahoo, it was set up as a member benefit for our ISSDC members. We encourage all members to take full advantage of the forum. Moderators have been selected more so to answer your inquiries in a timely manner than to moderate posting.

Keeping your ISSDC membership current is required. Membership to this list is archived at the end of each membership year. Reactivation occurs at renewal.

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HEALTHY HEARTS! How you can help?
GSD/IVA is an inherited electrical issue within the heart that is found in GSDs and Shilohs. It can cause sudden death in young dogs and has no outward or obvious symptoms. A 24-Hour Holter Monitor test is required to diagnose these conditions. Because the arrhythmia may not occur all the time it is easily missed with typical Ausculation and Echo-cardiograms. <br /><br />

We are hoping that in the future we will be able to test all pups from every litter. In order to make this a reality we need to have an adequate supply of holter monitors in the Shiloh community. The ISSDC is raising funds to purchase additional monitor(s) that will be lent out to breeders. <br /><br />

READ MORE on how you can help! [HERE]

KODIAK'S WHEELS ~ Walk-in' Wheel Wheelchair Donation & Rental
Kodiak’s Wheels is a program inspired by the struggle Monica Popaduke’s boy, Kodiak, went through as he aged. As a result the ISSDC is offering to it’s members a loan of a Walk-in’ Wheels Wheelchair. 

READ MORE about the program and on how you can help! [HERE]

Your Current Board of Directors


Visit a timeline of our Previous Board Members [HERE]


2021 Committee Lists with their Chairs and Membership (updating in process 9/26/2021):

    • (Chair) Stacey Andres, 
    • Karen Emery, 
    • Beth Bronson
  • RESCUE / REHOMEupdated 9/26/2021
    • (Chair) Monica Popaduke, 
    • Terri Hayden
    • Shana Greene
    • Toni Welch
    • David Bradshaw
    • Terri Dwyer
    • Cynthia Kelly
    • Jean Robertson
    • (Chair) Stacey Andres, 
    • Monica Popaduke
    • (Chair) Avril Williams, 
    • Stacey Andres, 
    • Pat O’Hearn, 
    • Jen Stanley
  • GENETICS (issgp) – 
    • (Chair) Avril Williams, 
    • Karen West, 
    • Nancy Schmidt, 
    • Stacey Andres, 
    • Pat O’Hearn, 
    • Willemijn Kok-Grijpma, 
    • Michelle Bowler, 
    • Jen Stanley, 
    • advisor, Karen Emery.
  • ETHICS – 
    • (Chair) Lyn Segee, 
    • Frank Rescigno, 
    • Jan Jacobs, 
    • Meredith Hamilton, 
    • Myra York, 
    • Pat O’Hearn,
    • Rhonda Van Emon
    • (Chair) Jeannette Fedorka, 
    • Gary Runyan, 
    • Kim Murnyak, 
    • Trish Beltz
  • SHOW & AWARDS – 
    • (Co Chair) Kim Murnyak 
      • Also serves as Show Tally Chairman
    • (Co Chair) Rhonda Van Emon 
    • Avril Williams, 
    • Laura Winters, 
    • Leigh Sylvester.