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  • Vice President, Brielle D’Angelo
  • Secretary, Rebecca Haunty
  • Treasurer, Kas Gonzalez
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  • Director 3, Augusta Wellington
  • Director 4, Stephanie Houck –-updated 6/02/2024
Frequently Asked Questions, check here first...
Can you please recommend a breeder?

We are unable to recommend one breeder over another as we, the International Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club, represent all our breeder members.

Have you had a chance to look at the ISSDC puppy page, which lists current and future litters, as well any older pups/adults that might be available? It is found in our puppies section. Our list of breeders will help you find a breeder. We have breeders spread all over the US and in other countries. Be sure to tell the breeder exactly what you wouldd like to do with your Shiloh, as different lines excel at different activity levels. Some are ready to hike, do SAR or herding, and some excel at less rigorous jobs (like holding down the sofa while you read!). Even puppies within the same litter will differ, and the breeder will know best how to match up puppies with new owners.

If you think an adult might suit your family, please check out the rescue page. Occasionally we have Shilohs available that find themselves needing a new home.

How do I become a Shiloh breeder?
Different registries have different requirements for becoming a Shiloh breeder. We would advise you to contact your breeder and then look at the requirements set forth by the registry that your Shiloh belongs to. Here is a link to the different registries.

How do I register my Shiloh Shepherd?
The rules and regulations for registering your Shiloh Shepherd vary as to what registry your Shiloh belongs to. To find out what registry he/she is, contact your breeder. Here is a link to find the registries.

Are dogs automatically considered Shiloh Shepherds if they are a mix of German Shepherd and Malamute (or other breeds)?
These are not considered Shiloh shepherds. An in-depth look at the history of Shiloh Shepherds can be found at the Shiloh Shepherd Resource Center.

Our Shiloh seems to have a medical issue. Can you help us?
We recommend that you contact your veterinarian or your breeder. As the breed club, we have no medical expertise in treating your dog.

I’m interested in a Shiloh Shepherd, but I don’t live in the US or Canada. Do you have breeders in other countries? 
Please see our breeder section to help you find a breeder. We have breeders spread all over the US and in other countries, and some breeders are willing to ship puppies. You will need to contact the breeders individually to discuss purchasing and shipping a puppy.

I am interested in a puppy. I would like information the Shiloh Shepherd to help me make a decision. 
Please review the information at the links below.

We recommend potential puppy buyers acquaint themselves with the breeder and establish a rapport with that breeder, meet the “parents” of the litter when practicable, confirm that recommended health testing for the parents has been completed, and be honest with the breeder about the goals the buyer has for his new Shiloh.

How do I join the club?
If you wish to become a member, please complete this application found [HERE]:

I found a breeder through your list and sent a deposit for a puppy, but now the breeder won’t answer my questions or respond to my emails or phone calls. Can you help me? 
Because registries and kennels are privately owned, independent organizations, the ISSDC has no authority over their business operations. We can notify the breeder that you feel your requests have been neglected and that you have asked for our assistance as an intermediary in this matter.

The breeder listings on our ISSDC Breeders’ Page are simply a “perk” of breeder membership in the ISSDC. It is not an endorsement nor a comment on the breeders listed or not listed. Some breeders choose not to be listed, for a variety of reasons.

Membership in the ISSDC implies acceptance of the ISSDC Code of Ethics.

I'm a breeder, how do I get listed in the Breeder's Directory
All breeder members in good standing are eligible to be listed in the Breeder’s Directory. It is the responsibility of all new and renewing breeder members to complete the new listing form to get listed, or re-establish their expired listing, in the Breeder’s Directory. Complete the form [HERE]

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The ISSDC has several regions in which Member’s are able to participate with on a more local level.

  • Europe
    (includes all European Countries)
  • Maritime
    (includes Canada’s Prince Edward Island and more)
  • Mid-Atlantic
    (includes Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia, North Carolina)
  • Mid-Central
    (includes: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Missouri, Arkansas, Southern Michigan)
  • Midwest
    (includes: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Northern Michigan)
  • Northeast
    (includes: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island)
  • Ontario
    (includes Ontario Canada)
  • Rocky Mountain
    (includes: Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Colorado)
  • South
    (includes: Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi)
  • Southwest
    (includes: Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Louisiana)
  • West/PNW
    (includes: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Western Montana, British Columbia and all of California)

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Advertising Opportunities

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