Health & Genetics

The health and well being of the Shiloh Shepherd is very important to the ISSDC. 

HEALTH TESTING...the Hallmark of this breed!

Breeding the best possible candidates is the pride of a Shiloh breeder.  Many go above and beyond the minimum requirements of their registry.

  • Parent’s full names, call names, their sire/dam, health testing results should appear in all litter announcements.
  • Passing health testing as required by the breeder’s registry should always be expected.
  • Your prospective breeder should have no problem producing health testing results for the breeding pair.
    • Visit the Health Screening page [HERE] at the Shiloh Shepherd Resource Center to get an idea on what is required.
  • ISSDC has standardized our litter advertisements so all information is easy to see.

The ISSDC supports the UC Davis Shiloh Shepherd Diversity Study. Visit the Shiloh Shepherd Resource Center for more information and to participate. [HERE]


GSD/IVA is an inherited electrical issue within the heart that is found in GSDs and Shilohs. It can cause sudden death in young dogs and has no outward or obvious symptoms. A 24-Hour Holter Monitor test is required to diagnose these conditions. Because the arrhythmia may not occur all the time it is easily missed with typical Ausculation and Echo-cardiograms.

We are hoping that in the future we will be able to test all pups from every litter. In order to make this a reality we need to have an adequate supply of holter monitors in the Shiloh community. The ISSDC is raising funds to purchase additional monitor(s) that will be lent out to breeders.

READ MORE on how you can help! [HERE]

Additional Resources

Like their German Shepherd ancestors, Shilohs may experience problems with bloat, a condition where the stomach becomes over-stretched by gas the dog is unable to release. This condition is serious and should be treated immediately by a veterinarian.

  • Gastrointestinal Disorders in the GSD and Several Other Breeds
    by Fred Lanting Copyright 1990, 2003
    “Having been requested to supply articles on bloat/torsion/volvulus, and on megaesophagus, I decided to revise an article formerly published as “Digestive Tract Disorders”, and combine it with other articles, giving it a new name. My favorite breed is susceptible to many gastrointestinal problems. There are a great number of causes for stomach and intestinal problems. When these two organs in the alimentary canal are considered together, we refer to a syndrome as gastro-intestinal…” [read more]
  • Bloat in Dogs, a great resource for FAQs and links about this deadly event
  • A Close Encounter With A Killer, by Chris Benton

EPI (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency) is a condition inherent in German Shepherd Dogs and many other breeds, including Shiloh Shepherds.

  • EPI in Dogs, [] a complete resource on the symptoms, causes, diagnoses, management, breeds at risk and resource links
  • Pedigree Analysis – Deciphered
    by Tina Porter
    “In our quest to produce happy, healthy puppies, most breeders run genetic reports, or pedigree analysis on a potential breeding looking for both pitfalls and strengths. These reports give us a lot of data- but what exactly are these numbers, what information do they give us, and how should we use them?”
    [read more]

Health Testing is the hallmark of our breed. Breeding the best possible candidates is the pride of a breeder. Each registry has minimal requirements for the registration of their breeding dogs.

  • the Shiloh Shepherd Resource Center lists the health screening tests seen within the breed [HERE]
  • the Health Center at the Shiloh Shepherd Resource Center [HERE]