Welcome to the International Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club, Inc. (ISSDC)

The Shiloh Shepherd is a true contemporary breed developed to fill the need for a Shepherd from the past, a protector, a best friend, a part of the family. Shiloh Shepherds are dogs of giant size, incredible intelligence and wholesome beauty. Shilohs portray a distinctive impression of nobility with superior intelligence, strength of character and a heart of gold.

Our original Shiloh Shepherds are bred to be calm and kind. Shilohs excel in all types of work, from animal assisted therapy to obedience to guardian assignments as they tend well to children, elderly and livestock. Taking their intelligence and stamina from their German Shepherd ancestors and their size and gentle nature from years of selective breeding, the Shiloh Shepherd is a perfect dog for today’s home.

This gentle giant should appear longer than tall. The desired height can be no less than 28” for males and 26” for females. Shilohs have two types of coats, the plush (long) and smooth (short). They come in a variety of color combinations.

Please take time to research the breed very carefully. Our website and e-group are great resources to learn and meet breeders and owners who have been involved with Shilohs for many years. We promote and encourage unity, health testing, genetic research and the preservation of the original breed standard.

This website is a great resource to meet breeders and owners who have been involved with the Shiloh Shepherd for many years.