Website Advertising Policy

Terms and Conditions:

The ISSDC is proud to offer a section of our web site for Members which maintain a Breeder Membership to advertise their current litter, older puppies, older dogs, and upcoming litters at no additional charge.

This feature does involve a good deal of work for our webmaster and must be met with the following terms and conditions:

Conditions required to use this feature:

  • You must be a Breeder/Stud Member in good standing of the ISSDC. This includes, but is not limited to, current membership and maintain no debts and unanswered obligations.
  • You must be listed in the Breeder Profile section of the ISSDC website.
  • The litter/dogs must be registerable Shiloh Shepherds.
  • All health testing completed on sire and dam must be posted (minimum hips and heart as required by the majority of the Shiloh Shepherd registries).
  • All data submitted must be honest and accurate.
  • Submitter must acknowledge the terms and conditions set forth and understand that failure to abide by said terms may result in the loss of privileges in advertising on the ISSDC website.

Upcoming Litters:

  • Upcoming litters must be legitimately planned with both sire and dam already upgraded with breeding papers.
  • A picture and stats on both sire and dam must be included.
  • A realistic date for the breeding must be included.
  • Breeder must contact webmaster as soon as the litter has been born to move it to the current litter feature or have it removed totally.
  • Breeder must notify the webmaster if there is any change in the proposed upcoming litter. Examples: the litter didn’t take, the sire or dam has changed, or the planned date has changed.

Current Litters:

  • Current litters will be featured from DOB to 12 weeks of age.
  • Current litters must include the DOB of puppies, as well as the amount of puppies and sexes. Pictures of the sire and dam, their stats (health testing, color, size, their sire and dam and contact information)
  • At anytime between DOB and 12 weeks of age Breeder will notify webmaster if all puppies are sold.
  • Breeder is responsible for contacting the webmaster when puppies are between 11 and 12 weeks of age to arrange placement of any remaining puppies to our “Older Puppy” section.
  • At 12 weeks from DOB each featured current litter will be removed, no exceptions.

Older Puppies:

  • Older puppies will be featured between 12 weeks and six months of age.
  • The same stats listed under current litters will be transferred to the older puppy section.
  • Breeder must include a picture of each puppy still available, and must notify webmaster immediately when one or all puppies featured are placed.
  • Breeder is responsible for contacting webmaster before featured puppies are 6 months of age to be moved to our adult section.
  • At 6 months of age all featured puppies will be removed, no exceptions.

Available Adults:

  • Dogs six months of age or older may be featured in this section for sale or adoption. This section is not to be confused as a rescue site, rather an owner or breeder may feature a dog needing to be placed or re-homed.
  • Submitter must include a picture of the featured dog as well as sire and dam, age, sex, color, size, and health testing completed. A brief description of temperament and/or any issues concerning said dog featured must be given.
  • Submitter must include their contact information.
  • Submitter must notify webmaster of any change in status of featured dog.

The ISSDC has offered these services to aide its Breeder/Stud Membership by featuring their litters and older puppies or dogs. Currently we offer this feature as a free service but do require the terms and conditions are met. Failure to do so may result in a loss of advertising privileges.

Our webmaster is not, and will not, be responsible to notify you when your featured advertisement is ready for termination. It is your responsibility to keep our webmaster current as to the status of your advertisement.

While the ISSDC is here to help its members in many aspects, this feature is one that requires a good deal of time and monitoring. If Breeders and Owners using this service do not monitor their advertising we may have no choice but to charge a fee for this service in the future. Please be respectful and diligent.

Sincerely, ISSDC Board of Directors