BarktoberFest Results

2022 Results


Judge: Andrew Carter

Class males – 7, Class females – 8, Champion males – 2, Champion females  – 1


  • Best Baby Puppy Male: Maximus (Derby/Rifkin)
  • Best Baby Puppy Female: Lady Blue (Lass/Rifkin)
  • Best Baby Puppy: Maximus (Derby/Rifkin)
  • Best Junior Male: Mac (Hayden/Zane)
  • Best Junior Female: Stella Gray (Ashton/Zane)
  • Best Junior Puppy: Stella Gray (Ashton/Zane)
  • Winners Dog: Odin (Ivy/Chancelor)
  • Reserve Winners Dog: Brave (Nova Mae/Odin)
  • Winners Bitch: Stella Gray (Ashton/Zane)
  • Reserve Winners Bitch: ElliGrae (Ashton/Zane)
  • Best of Breed: Zane Gray (Sugar/Joker)
  • Best of Opposite: Naomi (Talley/Kilian)
  • Best of Winners: Stella Gray (Ashton/Zane)
  • Best Progeny Sire: Zane Gray (Sugar/Joker)
  • Best Companion: Jack (Araya/Zephyr)
  • Best of Opposite Sex Companion: Andorra (Gemma/Noah)

Judge: Kathy Schwabe

Class males –6, Class females – 6, Champion males – 2, Champion females  – 1


  • Best Baby Male: Maximus (Derby/Rifkin)
  • Best Baby Female: Lady Blue (Lass/Rifkin)
  • Best Baby Puppy: Maximus (Derby/Rifkin)
  • Best Junior Puppy Male: Mowgli (Ashton/Zane)
  • Best Junior Puppy Female: Marley Gray (Hayden/Zane)
  • Best Junior Puppy: Mowgli (Ashton/Zane)
  • Winners Dog: Brave (Nova Mae/Odin)
  • Reserve Winners Dog: Mowgli (Ashton/Zane)
  • Winners Bitch: Gavia (Mystic/Quinn)
  • Reserve Winners Bitch: Carla (Callista/Joker)
  • Best of Breed: Naomi (Talley/Kilian)
  • Best of Opposite: $teele (Salem/Gideon)
  • Best of Winners: Gavia (Mystic/Quinn)
  • Best Progeny Sire: Zane Gray (Sugar/Joker)
  • Best Companion: Andorra (Gemma/Noah)
  • Best of Opposite Sex Companion: Jack (Araya/Zephyr)

from our judge, Kathy Schwabe

“It was an honor to be invited to judge the ISSDC Barktober Specialty at Caledonia State Park! I could not have asked for a better Pennsylvania Autumn Day- full of sunshine and crisp, cool breeze! The site was beautiful and the club was welcoming and so excited about their Specialty and their breed!
I had a lovely entry of dogs to choose from and on any given day several of those placements could easily have been switched! Hormones got the better of a couple of the boys; the breed is primarily owner handled and as the exhibitors grew in confidence I saw the dogs potential come out! From the youngest baby puppy to my ultimate Best in Specialty winner, the dogs were beautifully put together and sound on the move.
One more thing (and the AKC-only exhibitors should take note) The Breeders, Exhibitors and Club members are to be highly commended in this breed! Everyone was welcoming and helpful! Everyone pitched in to break down the rings at the end. If there was someone who needed assistance, Everyone was willing! It was absolutely delightful to observe the respect and appreciation these exhibitors have for each other and their wonderful breed! Thank you, again, for an exceptional day!!
I have judged a number of AKC assignments and Lord Knows I’ve been knocking around AKC a lot of years: we don’t have this; Not in any of the breeds I am involved with; not in any of the 40+ years I’ve been seriously showing dogs. If the AKC /clubs want to know why they are losing entries they should spend a few weekends at some of the ‘non-AKC’ club shows!”

Temperament Testing

tester: Christi Yonavick

  • Oberon “Obe” – Kasendra Gonzalez
  • Naomi – Kim Calo
  • Spencer – Candace & Fred Grauch and Kim Murnyack
  • Perseus – Matthew and Bilyana Ally
  • Cetus – Andrew Pothier & Mackensie Daskins
  • Bella Rose – Cheryl & James McDonald
  • Vesta – Amanda Carnes and Christi Yonavick
  • Kiyah Rae – James and Cheryl Mcdonald
  • Brave – Johnathan Leach
Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

tester: Marti Nottingham

  • Marley Grey – Rhonda VanEmon
  • ElliGrae – Karen Zikosky
  • Jack – Lorrie Shively
  • Ophlia Bliss – Kristen Carnes – Standard poodle
  • Bishop – Tara Riordan and John Divernier
  • Kiyah Rae – James & Cheryl Mcdonald
  • Perseus – Matthew and Bilyana Ally
  • Oberon “Obe” – Kasendra Gonzalez
  • Cetus – Andrew Pothier & Mackensie Daskins
  • Rozsika – Marlene & Joe Horvath and Zachary Horvath – Komondor