Tribute to Kim Murnyack

Kimberly S Murnyack
2/12/1973 – 11/11/2023
High Caliber Shilohs

The very sudden and tragic loss of one of our own …. 

Kim Murnyack was a very giving person, and you could always count on her to help with whatever she could.  She was especially fond of dogs and was a long and dedicated breeder of Shiloh Shepherds. Moose was Kim’s first Shiloh followed quickly by her foundation girls, Terra and Kiana. In 2010 High Caliber Shilohs was founded with the arrival of her first litter.

Kim was a long-term and dedicated member of the ISSDC, first joining the club in 2009 (14 yrs). She was very active in showing her Shilohs, earning multiple annual awards. Kim and High Caliber Shilohs brought home their first National Select in 2009. Between 2009 and 2018 they were awarded multiple Puppies of the Year, National Selects and even Grand Victor. A dedicated club member and passionate about showing, Kim served on the Show Committee and tirelessly managed the Club WinSheet tallies for annual awards and championships for the last 12 years. 

She will be remembered for so many things, including her kindness, her love of dogs, and her lasting impact she made in the Shiloh Shepherd breed.

Many have asked how they can help Kim’s family during this time. We would like to offer the ability for those who are able, to make a contribution to a college fund for Kim’s 10-year-old son, Ethan. She did so much for us over the years, please consider making a donation in honor of Kim. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for any tribute made in her memory.

[ Ethan’s Memorial College Fund ] [ Kim’s obituary ] [ High Caliber Shilohs website ]  

ANNUAL AWARD Achievements (click to view)


  • 2009 
    • NS8 Caliber’s Smoke On The Water of CJ “Terra”
  • 2010 
    • POTY High Caliber’s Dark Knight “Brutus”
  • 2011 
    • GV High Caliber’s Celestial Fire “Zayda”
    • NS8 High Caliber’s Mountain Majesty “Colby”
    • NS10 Caliber’s Smoke On The Water of CJ “Terra”
  • 2012 
    • GV High Caliber’s Mountain Majesty “Colby”
    • POTY High Caliber’s Yuki Ookami “Yuki”
    • NS1 High Caliber’s Dark Knight “Brutus”
    • NS10 High Caliber’s Celestial Fire “Zayda”
  • 2013
    • POTY High Caliber’s Cosmic Dancer “Shiva”
    • NS5 High Caliber’s Dark Knight “Brutus”
    • NS7 High Caliber’s Mountain Majesty “Colby”
    • NS9 High Caliber’s Yuki Ookami “Yuki”
  • 2014
    • NS6 Ranger’s Wildcat of High Caliber aka Kitty
    • NS9 High Caliber’s Noble Warrior aka Shak
  • 2015
    • NS4 High Caliber’s Cosmic Dancer aka Shiva
    • NS8 High Caliber’s Yuki Ookami aka Yuki
  • 2016
    • POTY High Caliber’s Nautical Warrior aka Pirate
    • NS2 High Caliber’s Yuki Ookami aka Yuki
    • NS6 High Caliber’s Cosmic Dancer aka Shiva
    • NS9 High Caliber’s Power Surge aka Cam
  • 2017
    • NS3 High Caliber’s Cosmic Dancer aka Shiva
  • 2018
    • POTY High Caliber’s Rock n Roll Warrior aka Zeppelin