Champion Point Tally

This page displays the current tallies the ISSDC Club Championships.

  • Point Tabulation Rules  (current)
  • ISSDC Championships (sCH) are earned with minimum of 15 points + 2 majors and a passing hip score
  • Points are tallied as winsheets are submitted
  • Once achieved, the ISSDC Champion Certificate will be issued by our Tally Team
ISSDC CHAMPIONSHIP Point Tally (click to open)

The Current ISSDC Championship Point Tally is shown below; 

note: Champion Point Tally list will be purged annually, removing dogs which have already achieved their championships (they will be listed below) and dogs which are no longer competing due to breeding status (spayed/neutered), age, or death. 

  • Amos, Three Rivers Rocinante
  • Ashton, Brick Chapel’s Written In Stardust
  • Bacchus, River Crest Siskiyou’s Bacchus
  • Bolt, High Caliber’s Ride The Lightning
  • Briza, RSS Heavenly Spirit of the Wind
  • Chaba, Cabin Run Sequoia’s Chaba
  • Cobalt, Stardust’s In His Element
  • Crimson, Exodus Blazing Regulus to Rubiadale
  • Darby, Canyon Diablo ODarby of CJ
  • Derby, Ridgewood’s Mint Julep of Bluegrass
  • ElliGrae, Brick Chapel’s A Shade of Gray v PSS
  • Freddie, Cypress Coast Steady Freddie
  • Gavia, Stardust’s Mystic Mountain Majesty
  • Gibson, Roseland/Private Stock’s LTD Edition
  • Grace, Dream Catcher’s Fallen From Grace
  • Grady, Canyon’s Mr. Blue OGrady
  • Haakan, Sir Haakan’s Hilarious Heyday at SG
  • Hercules, Carin’ From the Arms of My Angel
  • Jagger, Jagger T of Hill Country
  • Jesse, Freedoms Pride and Joy
  • Juno, Flash Point’s Juno Auribella
  • Lass, Cabin Run’s Lass of Stardust
  • Lilly, Lady Lilly of Moon Shadow
  • London, Stardust/Ridgewood’s My Fair Lady
  • Marley Grey, Brick Chapel’s Autumn Sunrise
  • Mystic, Stardust’s Mystic Charm
  • Naomi, River Crests BCS My Irish Angel
  • Nyx, Pantheon’s Nyx Regina Noctis
  • Odin, JnL’s Mover of Constellations
  • Osiris, Stardust’s Return of Killian Jones
  • Phoebe, Stellar’s Moonlight Chaser of Calibr
  • Pirate, High Caliber’s Nautical Warrior
  • Ponzi, Flash Point’s Victory to PacifiCrest
  • Pyro, Flash Point’s Fahrenheit 451
  • Quinn, Brick Chapel’s Irish Majesty
  • Ravyn, Imladris’ Last Winter’s Moon
  • Riviera, Freedoms Arms of an Angel
  • Ruckus, Titanium’s Siskiyou Chaos Ruckus
  • Salem, Ridgewoods Hocus ~ Pocus
  • Shiva, High Caliber’s Cosmic Dancer
  • Skye, Mystical’s Rumour Has It
  • $teele, Ridgewoods $teele’n Hearts&Fortunes
  • Stella Grey, Brick Chapel’s Obsidian Heart
  • Sugar, Flash Point’s Sucre Noir
  • Theory, Islands Ethereal Rapture
  • Tillie, Nathallia’s Pride of Carin’ Shilohs
  • Willie, Templar Sir William of Rivercrest
  • Zacar, Islands Tribute to Love & Remembrance
  • Zak, Titanium’s RiverCrest Zakster
  • Zane, Brick Chapel’s Obsidian Stout RSS

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