Champion Point Tally

This page displays the current tallies the ISSDC Club Championships.


  • ISSDC Championships are tallied as winsheets are submitted; use the championship certificate request form to obtain your certificate.
  • Once achieved, the ISSDC Championship is designated as a conformation title sCH.
ISSDC CHAMPIONSHIP Point Tally (click to open)

The Current ISSDC Championship Point Tally is shown. Once Championship is achieved, be sure to request your Certificate below. 

  • Current Members: No Fee. Fill out form completely to request your Championship Certificate.
  • Previous Members: Available to previous club members with dogs qualifying during their membership tenure for a small fee of $15.00 US or free with current membership renewal.
CHampionship Form Request
  • Ashton, Brick Chapel’s Written In Stardust
  • Bacchus, River Crest Siskiyou’s Bacchus
  • Bolt, High Caliber’s Ride The Lightning
  • Briza, RSS Heavenly Spirit of the Wind
  • Chaba, Cabin Run Sequoia’s Chaba
  • Crimson, Exodus Blazing Regulus to Rubiadale
  • Darby, Canyon Diablo ODarby of CJ
  • Derby, Ridgewood’s Mint Julep of Bluegrass
  • Ezra, Serenity’s Ezra of Brick Chapel
  • Freddie, Cypress Coast Steady Freddie
  • Gavia, Stardust’s Mystic Mountain Majesty
  • Gibson, Roseland/Private Stock’s LTD Edition
  • Grace, Dream Catcher’s Fallen From Grace
  • Grady, Canyon’s Mr. Blue OGrady
  • Haakan, Sir Haakan’s Hilarious Heyday at SG
  • Hercules, Carin’ From the Arms of My Angel
  • Jesse, Freedoms Pride and Joy
  • Juno, Flash Point’s Juno Auribella
  • Lass, Cabin Run’s Lass of Stardust
  • Lilly, Lady Lilly of Moon Shadow
  • London, Stardust/Ridgewood’s My Fair Lady
  • Mystic, Stardust’s Mystic Charm
  • Naomi, River Crests BCS My Irish Angel
  • Odin, JnL’s Mover of Constellations
  • Osiris, Stardust’s Return of Killian Jones
  • Phoebe, Stellar’s Moonlight Chaser of Calibr
  • Pirate, High Caliber’s Nautical Warrior
  • Ponzi, Flash Point’s Victory to PacifiCrest
  • Pyro, Flash Point’s Fahrenheit 451
  • Quinn, Brick Chapel’s Irish Majesty
  • Riviera, Freedoms Arms of an Angel
  • Ruckus, Titanium’s Siskiyou Chaos Ruckus
  • Salem, Ridgewoods Hocus ~ Pocus
  • Shiva, High Caliber’s Cosmic Dancer
  • Skye, Mystical’s Rumour Has It
  • $teele, Ridgewoods $teele’n Hearts&Fortunes
  • Sugar, Flash Point’s Sucre Noir
  • Theory, Islands Ethereal Rapture
  • Tillie, Nathallia’s Pride of Carin’ Shilohs
  • Wolfi, Buckeye’s Wolfgang Amadeus v MtTop
  • Zacar, Islands Tribute to Love & Remembrance
  • Zak, Titanium’s RiverCrest Zakster
  • Zane, Brick Chapel’s Obsidian Stout RSS

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