Kodiak’s Wheels

Kodiaks Wheels is a program that was inspired by the struggle Monica Popaduke’s boy, Kodiak, went through as he aged. Mobility was not his friend and his being such a large breed dog, it became increasingly more difficult as his condition progressed. He was unable to stand up on his own or remain standing. He needed wheels.

Through the amazing generosity of our Shiloh community, a collection was started and Kodiak got his wheels. Unfortunately it was delivered the day he told Monica that he just couldn’t fight anymore. She promised him that she would do everything she could to try to make sure that no other Shiloh would be without wheels if they needed them. This sparked the beginning of the ISSDC Kodiaks Wheels program.

Through this program, the ISSDC is offering to its members a loan of a Walk-in’ Wheels Wheelchair. They can use the wheels for the remainder of their beloved Shiloh’s life. When it is no longer needed, depending on its condition, the wheelchair will be returned, refurbished and be made available to another Shiloh in need.

Monica would like to expand this program to also include other items and equipment for aging, sick or disabled Shiloh’s. She would love to add sun goggles for Shiloh’s diagnosed with Pannus or other eye conditions where sunlight or harsh glare can be damaging. She would like to also add the Helpemup Harness to this program. These harnesses are essential when having to lift a 100+ pound crippled Shiloh to a standing position, to help guide them on a walk keeping their hind end up and supported allowing them to walk with human assistance.

There are a lot of possibilities for expansion to this program. The main goal is that none of our Shiloh’s ever goes without the special equipment or gear that will improve their quality of life because of financial issues.

Our Shiloh’s give their all throughout their lives. Your generous support will go a long way to insure the future success of Kodiaks Wheels.

Your donations are greatly appreciated!

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