Holter Request

Thank you for your interest in testing your dog for Inherited Ventricular Arrhythmias (IVA). This disease, which strikes without warning, has affected some Shiloh puppies and led to great heartbreak for their owners and their breeders. By testing your puppy, you will know if it’s necessary to provide the needed medication to improve their chance of surviving or if your puppy is free from this silent killer.

The ISSDC is proud to be able to assist you in testing your pup. We offer the use of the Holter Monitor at a greatly reduced cost compared to having this test done by a veterinarian or cardiologist. Generally, the rental period is for seven (7) days after received, but if you have multiple dogs to test, the rental period can be extended to accommodate your needs.

Fees payable to ISSDC through PayPal
The following is a breakdown of the costs you should expect associated with testing your dog:

Equipment Rental Fee (includes monitor, protective box, vest, vest pocket, velcro strap, card reader, two memory cards, clippers, a Supply Kit for one dog) $25.00 US
Additional Supply Kits (one per dog, includes batteries, electrodes, wrap, and wipes) $10.00 US / each
Shipping Charges with Insurance (one-way shipping to you) $28.00 US
Additional Costs:  
Return shipping via US Postal Service Priority Mail (paid by you) $36.00 US
Reading of Test Results by Alba Medical (paid by you per analysis/test) $40.00 US / each
Late Fee may be assessed for keeping the equipment beyond the rental period $20.00 US / day
Should any of the equipment be lost or damaged while in your possession, you are responsible for the replacement value of anything that applies.
Holter Monitor (depending on availability) $750 – $1500 US
Service for Monitor $100 – $500 US
Wires (depending on availability) $75 – $100 US
Vest $190 US
Card Reader $25 US
Memory Cards $25 US / each
Other unspecified repair(s) for damage is dependent on the cost
*The above prices are subject to change based on availability.

The rental period is 7 (seven) days upon receipt of equipment package.  

Renter agrees to return the equipment (monitor & protective box, a clean vest & pocket, velcro strap, card reader, 2 memory cards, hook-up chart, data transmission guide, and clippers) to the ISSDC in the condition you received them at the end of your rental period.

Renter agrees to the following:

  • Check frequently for exposed wires which can be chewed and destroyed.
  • Holter test should be done when RENTER is home so that the dog can be supervised.
  • The dog should be allowed to perform all the activities of daily living including walks and play. Do not allow rough play that the monitor may become dislodged or damaged. Swimming or bathing should not be allowed as the monitor must be kept dry.
  • Submit results to ISSDC holter database at Holterproject@issdc.com

RENTER agrees to pay the ISSDC the total in advance.  Payment is to be made through PayPal to the International Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club (ISSDC). Upon submitting your Holter Request, you will be invoiced through PayPal. You will be notified and the equipment will be shipped to you upon receipt of the completed contract and payment.

Contact us at holterproject@issdc.com

ISSDC Holter Request Form

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