Island Shilohs


Augusta Wellington
(917) 763-2624

~since 1997

“I became infatuated with Shiloh Shepherds due to my first two Shiloh’s, Kodiak (Shenandoah’s Arctic Blast Kodiak TT.) and Sierra (bCh. Shenandoah’s Mountain of Mayhem).  Kodiak and Sierra entered my life in 1997 and completely changed it.  They were the most amazing animals I had ever encountered.  Not only beautiful and intelligent but loyal, kind and protective.  I felt privileged to have had them enter my life.

My mission at Island Shiloh’s is to educate as many people as possible that are interested in my passion for the breed and its history.  My purpose as a breeder is to produce dogs that cannot only win in the show ring but that also have excellent temperaments, size, bone, and conformation.  Many of my progeny take part in a myriad of therapy and service work.   Above all, I strive to produce healthy dogs.

Presently I have two lovely matriarchs that are retired and three of their daughters residing in my house.  I don’t own a single crate and they live peacefully as a pack.  As I continue to breed, I am striving to produce progeny that can move forward in all the elements that I am aiming for.

I would be happy to accommodate anyone who has questions about my dogs or the breed.  Please feel free to contact me as I look forward to hearing from you. “