Imladris Shilohs


Avril L Williams
West Virginia
(410) 533-1764

~since 2006

“We are a small breeding kennel focused on breeding dogs with great temperaments, good health, and the classic Shiloh look all in a loving, family companion dog. All of our dogs live with us in our home and travel with us wherever dogs are welcome.

Our first experience with a Shiloh Shepherd came in August of 2006. Our daughter showed up with a 14 week old Shiloh puppy that had been turned over to a local rescue. I was so impressed with her that it started me on a search to learn more about the Shiloh Shepherd. After numerous hours on the computer, I found a group of breeders who appeared to be looking out for the welfare of the dogs and their potential buyers rather than ranting and raving about themselves. If you are new to Shilohs, do your research.

Our home is on a 47 acre farm in north central West Virginia. Visitors are welcome to come and meet our pack!”