Alana Williams


elected 5/2022

Lothlorien Shiloh Shepherds
~since 2006


I got my first shepherd in the early 2000’s and then volunteered for a time with GSD rescue, which was where I met my first Shiloh in 2006.  She was 42 lbs at 14 weeks and one of the smartest, sweetest dogs I had ever had.   There was just no going back for me, and I found I couldn’t have just one Shiloh!  My four Shiloh’s are my faithful companions, and I cannot imagine life without them.  They push me to do better, well most of them do.  Pretty sure my girl would be content to live life as a bump on a log.  

Currently, we are completing health testing for the youngest of my three boys.  Health and genetic diversity are important for the breed to move forward for generations to come.  I am passionate ensuring the breed that captured my heart is of sound health and look forward to contributing to the club.

club member since: 2017


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