Bonnie Miller


elected, 5/2023

~since 2003


My husband and I have both grown up with shepherds. Together we owned a beloved GSD that suffered with hip dysplasia in his later years. The loss of Beau was so painful. We were so disheartened with the direction the breed was going, we researched and found the Shiloh Shepherd and the King Shepherd. We spoke to both breed founders. We finally decided on a King Shepherd, which was in fact ½ Shiloh Shepherd and ½ GSD. We happily lived with our Kynda for 10 years. She was a wonder and a delight. After she passed, my husband was ready to find another Shiloh or King, but I wasn’t ready. Still grieving for my girl that passed from cancer. 

After a year with no dog in the house, a first for me ever, I decided I would try fostering to see if I had it in me to open my heart to another shepherd. I fostered two Shepherds, Cane Corso and a Maltese and decided I was ready to search for a new pup. When we started to research where we would get our next pet, we were impressed with the testing that was going on with the Shilohs. After having two beloved pets die from health concerns, you could understand why. I found Heather O’Connor and Myra York on the ISSDC site and got on the Lady/Taramack Litter. Myra introduced me to the ISSDC Club by gifting me with a Puppy membership in 2014.

It struck me how small our gene pool was and how difficult it had become to breed quality dogs. I wanted to do my part to help. I decided to show and champion Chaba, even though it is very difficult to get to shows, he liked showing. We got his Championship, and to date 5 National Selects and a couple of Club Best in Shows! I traveled to get his testing done and he is now a stud dog!
To date, Chaba has sired two litters. So we have accomplished everything we set out to do and have had a blast doing it and meeting so many wonderful Shiloh enthusiasts in the process.
I have been the Treasurer for the Club for two years and am staying on for another two. I will do whatever is asked of me to help promote and safeguard this amazing breed.

club member since: 2014


Previous Roles
  • Director, elected 5/2023
  • Treasurer, elected 5/2020
  • Treasurer, elected 5/2018
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