Kathy Kurek


elected, 5/2021

New Jersey
SpiritWind Shilohs
~since 2007


I have been in love with Shepherds just about my entire life.  I was raised with German Shepherds and rescued/rehomed them from many organizations. But, in 2007, I got my first Shiloh and never looked back. Shilohs represent everything I ever wanted in a dog. They are my faithful companion and I so love doing activities that enhance our bond.

Besides conformation, we currently do agility, nosework and therapy dog visits. I am currently the Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs lead evaluator for Northern New Jersey and happy to say that three of my Shilohs are certified Therapy Dogs. And my long coated German Shepherd (want-to-be Shiloh) that I “career changed” from The Seeing Eye is also certified.

Shilohs are an amazing breed and I am hoping to help that continue. 

club member since: 2013


Previous Roles
  • Director, elected 5/2021
  • President, elected 5/2022 
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