Kris Ivarson


elected, 5/2020

ThreeRiver Shilohs
~since 2006


I have had dogs all my life. The story is that I learned how to walk holding onto our golden retriever. I started showing in AKC with Rottweilers around 2000 (I think), competing in herding trials and obedience. When I met my first Shiloh, I was impressed with the breed temperament, the intelligence and the connection they made with their people. Soon after that, I got my first Shiloh and started showing them. They are a joy. 

I put my experience  doing litter evaluations and researching pedigrees into my first Shiloh litter. I must say, it is not for the faint of heart but it is something I will never regret. As I have gotten more involved with the breed, I have also gotten more involved with the club. My hope is that we can pull together and  improve the health of the breed and diversity of the genetic pool. I am hopeful, through the breeder of merit program being developed, that we can also do a better job promoting good care and breeding for all our dogs. I’m looking forward to the ongoing challenge. 

club member since: 2006


Previous Roles
  • President, elected 5/2020
  • Vice President, elected 5/2018
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