Terri Hayden


elected, 5/2018

Xanadu Shilohs
~since 2004


Animals have always been an instrumental part of my life. My dad gave me my first puppy when I was 3, and I’ve loved and been loved by many dogs over these past six decades. From toy breeds that my mother favored, to farm collies, my childhood years are dominated with memories of all kinds of pets from mice to horses, but dogs were always my favorite. I raised golden retrievers in the 1970’s and 1980’s before they became as popular as they are today. When our daughter’s beloved childhood dog Zoe, a golden retriever/ Aussie mix, died in 2003, she began researching dog breeds. After a good amount of research, we settled on finding a Shiloh Shepherd. After talking with many breeders, we were thrilled when our first Shiloh, our angel Breeze, joined us from Ocean States Shilohs in early 2004. As complete novices in the Shiloh world, we entered our first ARBA show that summer, and our daughter and Breeze took Best in Show Puppy. We then attended a specialty in the fall of 2004 in New Jersey and met some of the important dogs that many have in their dogs’ pedigrees. We were awestruck by their beauty and the support of breeders and owners. As most people find out, you can’t have just one Shiloh. and in 2005 our fabulous Midas joined our family from Bay Breeze Shilohs. We chose Xanadu as our kennel name, and in 2007 after working with mentors and advisors, we produced our first litter of puppies. We had a wonderful litter of 8 puppies and developed lifelong friendships with an extended family of puppy owners. We’ve had 5 Shilohs as part of our immediate family over these past 16 years including Ozzy and Bella who’ve crossed the rainbow bridge, and our newest addition and heart dog Pallas from Genesis Shilohs. We also share our lives with our Alaskan Malamute Alosia, and I’m “Gram” to our daughter’s two Beaucerons Tsavo and Eko.

Over the years, we attended many conformation shows, bringing home lots of awards, ribbons and trophies and memories. We made friends across the country and world we would have never known without our involvement in this breed, and are so happy to be part of a community of dedicated Shiloh and dog lovers. My goal is to continue to develop and preserve this breed by working to influence continued robust health testing, keeping true to the breed standard, judicially considering output from the genetic study as we look to the future, supporting our Rescue/Rehome efforts, providing an open communication medium to discuss pedigrees and historic knowledge, and engaging with those interested in the breed, new owners and potential breeders.

club member since: 2007


Previous Roles
  • Director, elected 5/2018 – 7/2020
  • Treasurer, interim 2012
  • Director, interim 2011
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