Shilohs At Work ┬╗Water Rescue

The foundation of natural abilities resulting in canine water rescue operations, water service work such as retrieving and courier duties, are often inherited instincts passed down from one generation to another. The Shiloh Shepherd's love for water is displayed in a wide range of expression... splashing playfully while running through a rushing creek.... leaping off of a ridge to join their owner for a swim in the lake below... standing proudly at the bow of the family's boat during a joy ride or resting in utter contentment amongst the ripples of a refreshing river on a hot summer day. An excellent swimmer, the Shilohs powerful strides and stamina are evident. Even in deep waters their calm demeanor is foremost.

Are you ready to challenge the physical, emotional and mental strength of your water loving Shiloh? Previous Search and Rescue training is NOT required. Official Merits/Cerifications/Titles/Special Awards are available to any and all qualifying dogs. Multiple levels are provided:

COMMUNITY SERVICE DIVISION: Utility, Rescue & Underwater Scent Search: These regulated trials determine whether the dog demonstrates the wisdom and the confidence to act independently, either upon directive commands or soley upon intuition during water rescue exercises. Advanced scenarios call for saving a swimmer in distress, be it the dog's owner or a stranger. Extremely desperate situations are portrayed such as a person falling overboard which demands the dog to respond in a courageous manner by diving without hesitation in effort to rescue the victim. Determination must be exhibited and perserverance must prevail at all times to qualify.

  • Water Utility Dog Title - WUD
  • Water Rescue Dog Title - WRD
  • Water Scent Search Dog Title - WSSD

SPECIAL WATER SERVICE AWARD: Earned by an indvidual dog or by a handler/dog team for a single heroic or life-saving act in the water, or exceptional devotion to canine water service work.

WATER WORK DIVISION: Certification may be acheived in the following categories:

  • Certificate Of Canine Team Swim Work - TSW
  • Certificate Of Canine Water Retrieve Work - WRW
  • Certificate Of Canine Water Delivery Work - WDW
  • Certificate Of Canine Water Tow Work - WTW
  • Certificate Of Canine Wet Scent Work - WSW
  • Certificate Of Canine Boat Work - BW

WATER WORK MERITS: There are a total of seven categories of the "Single Water Task". Merits are awarded accordingly:

  • Team Swim
  • Retrieve Work
  • Delivery Work
  • Underwater Work
  • Tow Work
  • Scent Work
  • Boat Work

Group Membership is open to any dog club, kennel club, sports club or facility interested in promoting water safety, teamwork and water activities. If you would like the ISSDC to sponsor this type of event, please contact your local chapter leader or the club secretary.

You must register your dog with the Canine Water Sports organization to participate in any CWS events hosted at various locations. It is a one time fee of $15 for you and your dog to receive the CWS H20#.

For more information about these exciting new working opportunities, please check out their website at: