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FLYBALL is a thrilling high paced canine sport. Teams consist of four handlers and their dogs. Mulitple teams compete against each other which makes for much excitement along with many distractions.

The dogs partipating must demonstrate absolute concentraton on the retrieving task and continue to remain focused throughout their performance. There is a spring loaded box which is designed to eject tennis balls. It is placed at the end of each alley way. These are timed relay races so the dogs are expected to be fast on their feet as well agile as they must leap over a total of four hurdles beginning with the approach. The dog then pounces on the spring board with both front paws and ideally is striving to catch the "flyball" in mid-air, whirl around and immediately speed back down the lane, repeating the hurdle jumps upon their return to the handler.

This is a rowdy spectator sport as the crowd is often on their feet cheering encouragement and clapping loudly. Lots and lots of fun for a ball crazy Shiloh! Flyball clubs and teams are available at many locations. Events are sponsored by the North American Flyball Association, Inc.

Flyball is open to any and all breeds, these titles are available...

    • Flyball Dog - FD
    • Flyball Dog Excellent - FDX
    • Flyball Dog Champion - FDCh.
    • Flyball Master - FM
    • Flyball Master Excellent - FMX
    • Flyball Master Champion - FMCh.
    • Flyball Master Grand Champion - FGDCh.

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