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The health of our Shilohs Shepherds is important to us. Click on the tabs to the left and the links below to find more information and resources.

  • Hearts - GSD/IVA
    [learn more] about holtering our dogs and what you can do to help

Below are additional articles for you to reference. Keep checking back as this section will continue to grow.

  • Gastrointestinal Disorders in the GSD and Several Other Breeds
    by Fred Lanting Copyright 1990, 2003
    "Having been requested to supply articles on bloat/torsion/volvulus, and on megaesophagus, I decided to revise an article formerly published as “Digestive Tract Disorders”, and combine it with other articles, giving it a new name. My favorite breed is susceptible to many gastrointestinal problems. There are a great number of causes for stomach and intestinal problems. When these two organs in the alimentary canal are considered together, we refer to a syndrome as gastro-intestinal..." [read more]
  • Pedigree Analysis - Deciphered
    by Tina Porter
    "In our quest to produce happy, healthy puppies, most breeders run genetic reports, or pedigree analysis on a potential breeding looking for both pitfalls and strengths. These reports give us a lot of data- but what exactly are these numbers, what information do they give us, and how should we use them?"
    [read more]




BLOAT: Be Aware, Be Prepared

Like their German Shepherd ancestors, Shilohs may experience problems with bloat, a condition where the stomach becomes over-stretched by gas the dog is unable to release. This condition is serious and should be treated immediately by a veterinarian.


EPI (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency) is a condition inherent in German Shepherd Dogs and many other breeds, including Shiloh Shepherds.

Texas A&M has completed a few small studies to determine the genetic marker for EPI, and have laid the groundwork for a large study to begin. To those who may have an interest in helping with a tax deductable donation, you can find out more at:

  • EPI Research Fund [http://www.epi-research-fund.com]
  • EPI in Dogs, [http://www.globalspan.net/epi.htm] a complete resource on the symptoms, causes, diagnoses, management, breeds at risk and resource links







  • Shiloh Shepherd Resourcess ~the library - the Health Center
    a wide variety of links and information about the Shiloh Shepherd [read more]
  • Coat Color Genetics
    by Tina Porter, Lakeway Kennel
    "Have you ever wondered what color you next litter of puppies will be? Or why your two sable dogs produced a litter of black and tans? It all has to do with genetics- specifically coat color genetics."
    [read more] --coming soon
  • Coat Colors, A Visual Guide