Official ISSDC Gift Shops

We have several fundraising gift shop opportunities listed below that are available to you. Check back often as we periodically offer special event opportunities.

  • Bonfire Non-Profit Shop :  
    • Shiloh Shepherd, American Made (light & dark) available for pickup at IEW24 ; order deadline 4/23/24
    • Shiloh Shepherd ISSDC IEW tie-dye available for pickup at IEW24 ; order deadline 4/26/24
    • in addition to the classic logo and heartbeat designs in both black and white
    • [SHOP NOW]
  • Brothers Grafx IEW 2024 : IEW 
    • embroidery shop, two designs
    • orders available for pick up at IEW, Bethleham, PA
    • deadline April 28, 2024 [SHOP NOW]

Our Shops

ISSDC Non-Profit ShopCafePress (ISSDC)CafePress (BarktoberFest)Special Event Shop

Hosted at Bonfire, our 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Shop features our official logos and event designs. Periodically we also run special campaigns during event times. Visit often. Designs include:

  • Classic ISSDC logo in black or white;
  • Heartbeat Shiloh in black or white; 
  • Southern Classic (white)
  • Southern Classic (black)
  • Shiloh Shepherd, American Made (white)
  • Shiloh Shepherd, American Made (dark)
  • [SHOP NOW] www.bonfire/store/ISSDC

Hosted at CafePress, our shop features a wide variety gifts for you and your home. Designs include:

  • Shiloh Shepherd, American Made
  • Classic ISSDC logo in black
  • ISSDC Dual Shiloh heads in black
  • note: best viewed on computer as CP currently working on new interface and products may not be visible (4/6/2024)
  • [SHOP NOW]
    • hint: for the best price, find the item you want in our store, then look for the product number (click on “see product details”); go to and search for the product number to see if they are having a sale 

Hosted at CafePress, our shop features a wide variety gifts that include apparel and items for your home. Barktoberfest designs include:

  • Shiloh Moon, circa 2023
  • A Howling Good Time, circa 2014
  • Howlin’ at the Moon, original
  • ISSDC Dual Shiloh heads in black
  • [SHOP NOW]

Hosted by Bros Graphix, periodically run campaigns during our special events. Embroidered designs vary.

  • Classic ISSDC logo
  • ISSDC Dual head logo
  • embroidered designs on polos, zip hoodies, microfleece jacket, team jacket, and more
  • shipping options include direct to you or an option to be picked up at the noted event

Current Available Designs