Memorial Donations


In Memory of….

  • Ssouri, by Barbara Robertson
  • Koda, by Kimberly Jacobs
  • Dylan & Shayne, by Pat O’Hearn
  • Pinky, by Susan Jane Smith (Kodiak Wheels)
  • Ty, by David & Linda Liddle
  • Karisma, by Lori Brecheen
  • Chester, by Bryan Sagor
  • Sydney, by Kimberly Roll
  • Bob Prichard, by Rose Prichard
  • Sundance, by Joe & Sandy Chvastek
  • Chiara, by Katherine Edison
  • Jed, by Karrie Peterson & Bill Blewitt
Memorial Donation


Make a Memorial Donation to honor a loved one. A thoughtful way to remember a person or animal who touched your heart.

How to Donate:

  • No paypal account? No problem, select “donate with Debit or Credit Card” from the next screen, or
  • login to your paypal account & select your payment method, then
  • MAKE SURE to complete the “In Memory of section on the next screen (located right below your donation amount), then
  • complete your donation
  • if interested in sending a photo to go with your memorial, email photo to with description to match to your donation, make sure photo is landscape (sideways) orientation and at least 640×480 pixels.

Your Donations are Greatly Appreciated!

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