Success Stories ┬╗Sunny

Camelot's Sunny (aka Sunny)

Sunny was adopted July 20, 2008 by a family in Arizona. His owner made the trek with Sunny from Southern California and met the adopters 1/2 way to transfer him. He's currently settling in with his new family and they say "he's here to stay"! Congratulations to Sunny and his new family!

His Rescue/Rehome write up follows:

"This 7 year old Shiloh Shepherd was born at Camelot Kennels, bred by the late Mynde Bunker. His family is no longer able to keep him, and he needs another family to accept him into their hearts. Sunny is a sweet and gentle dog with people and other dogs. He gets too excited around cats though! Sunny is in good health.

His owner states "we are looking for a very nice home that will have a yard, and people that like to play a little with him and mostly love him up. He was held alot when he was little and still thinks that he is a lapdog! He puts his head in your lap to be rubbed. He has a very nice and "young" personality. He likes to play but doesn't need more than 10-15 minutes at a time- he is happy after that. He has a few training tricks up his sleeve too!"