Success Stories ┬╗The Mobile Shilohs

5 Adults and 5 Three-Week-Old Puppies Surrenders by Breeder...

Meet Lucky

Lucky is still under a year of age and has a whole lot of maturing to do. He must be wondering what the heck is going on! We are looking for a stable, confidence-building new home for this sweet guy. Lucky deserves it!

Update - July 1: Lucky is a follower and very friendly. He's going through a barking stage right now, however he looks to the other dogs and to people for approval of his behavior. He's a happy young male that would benefit from some positive guidance in his development.

Update - August 13: Lucky is being adored in his new home with the Simpson's of Marshall, NC! His new name is "Bayou".

Update - One Year Later!!! Bayou has grown into a beautiful big goofy boy. Thank you Ray and Lynne for giving him such a wonderful home.


Meet Jazz

Please note: This is not "the Jazz" that was sold to the original owner, however the SPCA was told this was her name, so that's what we'll call her. Jazz is the mother of the available puppies. She's an older girl who needs to be pampered and loved in her retirement.

Can you give Jazz the love she's longing for?

Update - July 1: Jazz is the most socialized of these dogs. She is very friendly with people. She's a very smart girl who is aware of everything going on around her. She also walks on a leash. We believe Jazz to be 6 or 7 years of age.

Update - August 13: Jazz, renamed "Grace", is in her new home with the McLaughlin's of Bandera, TX!

Meet Gracie

Gracie has the same coloration as some of the most admired Shiloh Shepherds. She's obviously worried in this picture, and she'll need a gentle, encouraging new owner. But what a stunning girl she will blossom into with the right family!

Are you the one to Grace her with a new home?

Update - July 1: Gracie is the most timid of the bunch. She is very submissive as well. Like all the other dogs, Gracie is accepting of hugs and kisses, but will require an experienced and patient new owner to help build her confidence.

Update - August 13: Gracie is thriving in her new home with the Rosenthal's of New York City!

Meet Sweetie

As if her name doesn't say it all! Sweetie has that look to melt your heart. She too is confused and worried right now, but she's willing to trust that special someone with her loyalty and love. Please consider the expression in her eyes.

Sweetie is only a few years old, with many sweet years ahead of her.

Update - July 1: Sweetie is a very submissive girl, and generally the most stand-offish. She will gently accept people who approach to hug and kiss her, but she's not confident about making an approach on her own. Sweetie needs an owner who is kind and able to take one step at a time in building her level of trust and security.

Update - August 13: Sweetie is in her new home with the Demestihas' of Salem, OR!

Update - May 22, 2008: Sweetie has been renamed to Sophie! She is doing great in her new home, making great strides in overcoming her tendency to be a bit shy. Her owners have been wonderful with her training, as you can see from this recent email update excerpt:

"Sophie says hello and thanks again for all your help and support. She is doing great. I have been taking her to an off-leash dog park in Salem and she is getting more confident and more willing to trust people and be petted by total strangers. I don't think she will ever be generous with her affection with new people, but she is willing to give people the benefit of the doubt and approach them and be touched. She gets along well with other dogs, but does have that shepherd behavior of wanting to herd the other dogs as if they were sheep. She has gotten stronger and loves to run and play with Bear. She comes immediately when called and has learned to sit, lay down, come, wait and stay on command. She has actually remained seated when Bear has broken command and just looks at me and not at Bear. She is also great in the car and remains laying down or just sleeps on long trips."

Thank you Bill and Linda, for everything you continue to do for Sophie, and for all the love in your heart. It's hard to believe this picture is the same dog as shown above. She looks so happy now!

Meet Girlie

She IS a girlie-girl as you can see from her happy expression! Girlie has a certain spark in her eyes that says "Whatcha doin? - Can I play too?" Also a few years old, Girlie certainly deserves a chance for years of contentment and happiness.

Is she your Girlie-girl?

Update - July 1: She is the most playful, outgoing and confident of all the dogs. She has a true zest for life, and recently discovered to be quite an athlete as she's jumped a 6 foot fence while at the SPCA! Girlie would benefit by an active owner who is willing to develop her naturally social personality, plus a big yard with a really high fence.

Update - August 13: Girlie is adjusting to her new home with the Power's of Raeford, NC!

Update - December 2007: Girlie has been renamed "Geetlee"! She's quite a handful with tons of energy.

Meet the Mobile Miracles

These 5 Mobile Miracles were surrendered to the SPCA at only 3 weeks of age. It's been touch and go if they would survive at all. Through the tireless efforts of the Mobile SPCA's veterinarians, all 5 Miracle's are eating on their own now, gaining strength every day.

Update - July 1: The puppies are all doing well. They've been eating soft food and are now being changed over to dry food. Some stools are still a bit runny, but they're all gaining weight and playing with one another. The litter is now 5 weeks of age and should be ready for adoption at the end of July. The SPCA will spay/neuter these puppies prior to placement.

Update - August 13: From Left to Right:

Cesarina is now in her new home with the Conley's of Newport News, VA!

Tchaikovsky is now in his new home with the Sekula's of New Port Richey, FL!

Mozart is now in his new home with the Tursi's of Beachwood, NJ!

Magdalena is now in her new home with the Wong's of Marrero, LA!

Bach is now in his new home with the Mann's of Conyers, GA!