Success Stories ┬╗Misty

Profile: "Misty was surrendered to the Last Chance Rescue in Howell, Michigan, because she was supposedly afraid of fireworks. She is also intolerant of cats and we suspect, other small prey-like animals. Misty is a striking young female, born in 2004. She is housetrained and responds well to basic obedience commands, and she is friendly with other dogs. Misty would be in heaven as someone's lap dog, but must go to a home with a high, secure fenced yard as she's got the spring of a deer."

August 26, 2007: We are thrilled to report that Misty has been adopted through the ISSDC Rehome/Rescue Program. The obstacle came in how to get her from Michigan to her new home in North Carolina! Her story managed to touch enough good people, and before we knew it there were so many offers of transportation that we were able to coordinate her long journey home!

These are the incredible people who are responsible for delivering Misty into the arms of her new family. We are so thankful to you, angels one and all.

Suzy Graham gets Misty ready for the first leg of her journey -
departing from Suzy's home in Michigan at 7am.

Pam and Barb connect with Suzy in Toledo, Ohio at 8:45 am,
and arrive with Misty in Akron at 11:15 am

Kelly and Misty head out of Akron at 12pm for
a 5 hour drive to I-81 around Harrisburg

At 5pm, Pat and Jim introduce Misty to "Keys" as they
get ready for their 2 hour drive down I-81 into Virginia

Addison and Marti greet Misty in Winchester, then depart at 7:15 pm for Tyro, VA

and finally...

Misty arrived at Wendy's home in Tyro at 9:30 pm to meet her NEW MOM AND DAD, John and Lisa of Matthews, North Carolina! Misty is now in her forever home, thanks to each and every person who so generously helped to get her there.


Update June 18, 2008:

Misty was renamed "Cheyanne"! She's been thriving in her new home as you can see by her most recent picture (below). Cheyanne just recently passed her CGC (AKC Canine Good Citizen) test, and we are so very proud of her! Thanks to John and Lisa for making a wonderful life for this absolutely beautiful girl. Cheyanne, formerly Misty