Success Stories »Isabella Job aka Bella

Isabella Job (aka Kei) was rescued from a shelter the day before she was to be euthanized. She was covered in thick mats that had to be cut out of her, but she does have a beautiful plush coat with tons of feathering. She's had the soul of a saint and the patience of Job in searching and waiting for her forever home, and time was just about up for her! Isabella is unbelievably sweet, she likes other dogs, and she's very affectionate, mannerly and gentle - even with complete strangers. She travels well in a vehicle and appears to be well housebroken.

We have no idea what had brought her to this point in her life, but we're thrilled for Isabella because her patience has paid off. Isabella has been adopted August 2007 by a wonderful family from Dallas TX, and will glean 100% attention and love as the only dog in her new home. The connection was immediate with Bella's new owners. Congratulations, sweet girl!

Update August 29, 2007 - A letter from her new family:

"When at the ball park she runs like the wind. Beautiful, fluid, & graceful. Doesn't itch or scratch anymore. Loves squeaky toys. Loves to ride in the vehicle. Has learned "sit" and "down". AND finally tonight she decided it was okay to get on the couch. Bill has been trying to get her to sit on the couch for a week. Then tonight while Bill was out mowing -- she gets on the couch, where she is laying right now. Her appetite is good. She has found a friend to play with. She had her 1st date yesterday. When out walking, this blue heeler would see Isabella and the two would play while on leash, then sit next to each other like best of buds. So yesterday, we invited the guy and his blue heeler to go to the ball park --- to let Isabella and Clyde have a play date -- off leash. They had a great time only concern was how much exercise to let Isabella have---not knowing how her muscles were - or how out of shape she is. Then the unresolved heartworm issue. But they played very nicely, so my concerns were not an issue. Look for an update next week."

Update - September 3, 2007:

"Isabella had her teeth cleaned and the sebaceous cysts (3) and lipomas lumps (3) removed today.  She came through the surgery like a real trooper. She is resting comfortably right now.

Wouldn't you know it.... I have gone over Isabella's body what seems like a hundred times checking her out. .  I thought I had found all her bumps and lumps.  There were 6.   Bill is sitting with Isabella on the couch right now and tells me we missed a bump.  Such enough...we found another bump!   Not a large lump...but a lump.  We will keep a close guard over it so that at the first sign of change we will have it removed.  Otherwise, we will wait until the next teeth cleaning.

Her personality is really coming out -- she is adorable and her kisses are priceless. Everyone comments on how mannerly she is.  She hasn't met a child, adult, or dog she doesn't like.

If the sliding door to the van is open, she jumps in and sits there -- thinking it is time to go somewhere. 

She doesn't even turn her head if we are eating steaks...but she will watch you eat every bite of Tex-Mex!

Yesterday, she found a frog on Ball field #9.  She never hurt the frog...but the two of them were hopping all over the outfield grass!   When called, she left the frog to go to the next field with the guys.

She has the routine down and has the run of the baseball complex.  She has the guys trained... she will go to the ice machine and stare at it until someone gets her a bucket of ice.  She is destined to be in management."

Update January 2008:

"Isabella visited Santa for the first time! Santa is laughing in the picture because Isabella kept trying to kiss him. What a sweet girl! I can only imagine she was thanking Santa for granting her wish for a wonderful forever home. "