Success Stories ┬╗Baccus

Congratulations, Baccus!!

Baccus was personally delivered to his new family in Chicago by his Idaho guardian on Sept 12, 2008 after a good four months of waiting for the right new home.

Found wandering in Idaho, picked up by the pound, identified and rescued by a Shepherd fan who contacted our ISSDC Rescue/Rehome Program, it took four months before Baccus was successfully matched with his new family. His caring guardian and the ISSDC Rescue are thrilled that Baccus will be so loved and cared for by these wonderful people! I don't know if it's possible to thank Baccus's guardian enough for her concern, dedication and diligence in selecting the best home possible for this wonderful boy. But THANK YOU, Joan!!!

The ISSDC Rescue/Rehome Program donated the cost of airfare from Idaho to Illinois to transport Baccus, in addition to his medical bills.

We are so thankful to the individuals who donated to our Rescue, specifically toward Baccus's care and handling. Rest assured he's finally being doted upon by his new forever family in Chicago. We couldn't have done it without your support!