Galleries-with Tribute

A Tribute to Heather Yates, Candid Paws Photography

b. ??? – d. 11/6/2020

  • her partner, James Blackham
  • MacShilohs, her kennel name
  • Hamish, Hamish MacKota of Shenandoah (Trinka/Kota), 2/14/2004 – 
  • Gareth, B&T Rising Star Gareth MacKota (Natasha/Kota), 2/25/2005 –
  • Bronwyn, Mac’s Wee Beastie O’Nottingham (Ember/Elvis), 6/20/2009 – 5/22/2020
  • Argyll, Mac’s Our Guy of Exodus v PCSS (Reine/ ?? ), 12/28/2013 –

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