Crannog Shiloh Shepherds


Jean Robertson
British Columbia
(250) 397-0262

~since 2008

“Registered, health tested Shiloh Shepherds. Our focus is on producing healthy dogs of sound temperament bred true to type. We strive for friendly, loving companions who are at home in any environment. Our dogs live in our home with us and are part of everyday life on our ranch. They get along well with horses, cattle, sheep, chickens, cats and anything else we choose to add to the mix. They are loving and gentle family members who love nothing better than to hang out with our young grandchildren.

In early 2009 after searching for over a year to find just the right Shiloh to add to our family we located a British Columbia based breeder of Shiloh Shepherds , Island Mist Shilohs (now retired from breeding) who sold us our beautiful Cedar. Three years later after a long time carefully researching hundreds of pedigrees we found Finn from Kai-Lyn Shilohs in Ontario, who’s pedigree was the perfect complement to Cedar’s. They were bred in 2014 and Maeve was the special puppy we chose to keep from that litter. From there our pack has grown over the years. Cedar had two litters with Finn and now their descendents are an integral part of our breeding programme. We’ve introduced other excellent bloodlines including foundation lines with the addition of Fia from CJ Shilohs and through the studs we’ve used to sire Maeve’s litters. We’ve been thrilled with the results and are excited to see what the future will bring when Orla, Fia and Aoife all complete their health testing.”