Lyn Segee

Highlander Shilohs

5/2020 (1yr)

New York
Highlander Shiloh Shepherds
~since 1996


I met my first Shiloh and the breed founder, Tina Barber, in 1996. I acquired my first Shiloh in 1997. I entered my first confirmation class, ever in 1997 and produced my first Shiloh litter in 1998. With the breed founder as my mentor, I learned pedigrees, “how to’s” on litter evaluations, adult temperament testing, training techniques and conformation. I was a club director for 8 years, achieved becoming an ISSR Breed judge, produced 17 litters , championed and champion pointed several of my Shilohs. After 10 years of indoctrination, had a change of political views and left the SSDCA and the ISSR and aligned myself with the ISSDC and the TSSR. My new experience led me to the development of the ISSDC Code of Ethics, chairing the Ethics Committee, founding and supporting the Holter Moniter Project, achieving leadership roles on the ISSDC BoD, mentoring new breeders, reactivating the ISSDC Adult Temperament Testing program, encouraging the updating of the Constitution and By Laws and supporting the Diversity Study program.

I continue to support all efforts being made to protect our breed and preserving it for the future. That should be our sole purpose and the key to our longevity!

club member since: 2010


Previous Roles
  • Past President, 2020 (1yr)
  • President, elected 5/2018
  • Past President, 2016 (1yr)
  • President, elected 5/2014
  • President, appointed interim 9/2013
  • Vice President, appointed interim 7/2013
  • Director, elected 5/2013
  • Director, appointed interim 9/2011
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