Amanda Carnes


appointed, 3/2021

NewMoon Shilohs


I grew up with German Shepherds,  but due to the changes I was witnessing in the breeding programs I decided to take a break from owning them. It wasn’t until I attended a pet expo in 2010, that I found Shilohs, the breed that would change my life forever. 

Fast forward to 2015 and I acquired my first Shiloh puppy Luna Rae. Needless to say, Shilohs are like potato chips and I didn’t stop at one! Slowly but surely through connecting with the community, attending shows, watching litter evaluations and being involved in any way I could, my dedication and love for the breed blossomed. I have since formed NewMoon Shilohs, raised multiple litters, mentored people on getting started in the breed, and I’m furthering that devotion with my board position! 

I intend to use my passion to better our breed in hopes of helping Shilohs thrive well into the future! 

club member since: 2018


Previous Roles
  • Vice President, appointed 2021
  • Vice President, elected 2022
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