Achievement Lists

Follow the links below to see lists of our titled Shilohs:

How to Submit Your Shiloh’s Achievement

To add your Shiloh’s relative statistics to the ISSDC records, please submit registered name of your Shiloh, your first and last name as owner (and/or name of handler) and the designation for which your dog is accredited with, plus the name of the appropriate organization. Also, please forward a copy of the appropriate certificate earned.

Submit the above information to our Shilohs At Work Volunteers at

Include the following information in your email:

  • Title your email “ISSDC Achievement List Submission”
  • List type of Achievement List (i.e. CGC, Temperament Test, etc):
  • Shiloh’s Registered Name:
  • Shiloh’s Call Name:
  • Owner’s Name:
  • Organization Awarding Achievement:
  • Remember to attach a copy of the certificate to the email