Success Stories ¬ĽNala & Tayga

the Beginning

Nala and Tayga have recently been rescued. These lovely ladies had basically been abandoned by their former owner due to a severe domestic situation. Their breeder was unable to take them back, so they are currently in foster care. They need a forever home soon!!!

We'd like to express our deepest appreciation to all the wonderful volunteers who participated in transporting Nala and Tayga from Wendy's home in Tyro, VA, all the way up to their current foster home with Julie in Danbury, CT!

This was a second phase of a long transportation arrangement where we had Misty travel from Howell, MI, down to Wendy's in VA - whereupon Marti departed with Nala and Tayga for their long journey up the eastern seaboard. This took a lot of coordinating as you might imagine!

We hope you enjoy the pictures of these two charming ladies
and their dedicated "chauffeurs"...

Addison and Marti with Misty, just prior to picking up Nala and Tayga.
They drove from Tyro, VA up to the Howard County Fairgrounds in Maryland
where they met with Mary and Heather.

Here we have Mary, Nala, Tayga and Heather all set for their leg of the journey!

Mary and Heather transported Nala and Tayga to Christi's home in Birdsboro, PA.

Christi and Trish welcome Nala and Tayga for a visit.

The girls inspect the yard.

Time for some fun!

Tayga relaxes before hitting the road again.

The girls check out P&C's van before departing Birdsboro for Moscow, PA.

Jan Santini transported the girls north from Moscow, PA and met up with Julie. I don't know who the young helper is, but she sure is doing great with the girls!

Julie fostered Nala and Tayga at her home in Connecticut for 6 months before we managed to find these grand dams a forever home.

Nala and Tayga were adopted by a wonderful woman in Ontario. The challenge was getting them from CT into Canada!!! Thank you Dave Herz (R) and Robert Grieves (L) for making the trek from Toronto to CT to bring the girls closer to their forever home in Ontario!

Almost home now! Brad Black (R) and Michelle Bowler (Center) met with Dave and Robert to transport Nala and Tayga to their new home in the Minden, Ontario area!

Nala and Tayga arrived safely and are settling in very well! Thanks to their new mom, Karen, both girls now have the peaceful country retirement they so well deserve.