ISSDC Rescue/Rehome Adoption Application

Thank you for your interest in adopting a Shiloh Shepherd through the ISSDC Shiloh Shepherd Rehome/Rescue initiative. In order to be considered as an adopter you must:

  • be 21 years of age or older;
  • have identification showing your present address;
  • have the knowledge and consent of your landlord, or alternatively, your family;
  • be able and willing to spend the time and money necessary to provide training, medical treatment and proper care for a pet.

This form is an Adoption Application -- not an agreement to adopt a dog. We will use your answers as a starting point to work with you to determine whether or not a Shiloh Shepherd is really the dog you are looking for. If so, your completed application will provide the information we need to help you select a pet who will fit in well with your family, lifestyle and expectations.

The completion of this application is the first step toward approval as an ISSDC Shiloh Shepherd adopter. In addition, you should:

  • Notify all references whom you list on this application, including veterinary clinics and private individuals giving them your permission to speak with an ISSDC representative when contacted
  • Expect to be contacted by an ISSDC volunteer with additional questions that will help us in processing your application.
  • Cooperate in scheduling a home visit, (with all members of your family present).

The ISSDC reserves the right to refuse to adopt to anyone.

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If you rent or live with parents, provide landlord or parents name:

Landlord or parents phone number (with area code):

If you've been at your current address less than 1 year, please list previous address and how long you were there:

Please give a detailed description of your current home:

Where will the adopted Shiloh Shepherd spend the day? (Describe in detail)

Where will the adopted Shiloh Shepherd spend the night? (Describe in detail)

List all household members and their ages:

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Please describe if anyone in your household has special needs or physical restrictions:

Who will be primarily responsible for the daily care (excercise, feeding, training and grooming) of the dog:

Age of primary care giver? Who will be responsible in the absence of the primary care giver?

Age of secondary care giver?

If so, please describe this training experience in detail:

List any pets/livestock you currently have, including their gender, age and breed(s):

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Pet 5:

Do any of your current pets have any existing medical conditions? Please describe as accurately as possible:

If so, describe the type of dog(s) you've had, how long you've had them and the reason you no longer have them:

Who is your current Veterinarian? (Name, address, phone number)

If this is your first pet, what veterinarian do you plan to use? (Name, address, phone number)

If so, which brand(s):

Where and when did you discover the Shiloh Shepherd breed?

Why have you decided you want to adopt a Shiloh Shepherd?

Please describe the details of your intentions and expectations of an adopted Shiloh Shepherd.

What age range(s) would you be willing to accept?

Want: Puppy(less than 12 months) Want: Young Adult(1-3 years) Want: Adult(4-7 years) Want: Senior(8+ years) Want: No Preference


What characteristics MUST the dog have in order for the adoption to take place?
  • Housebroken
  • Good with children under 5
  • Good with school-age children
  • Good with teenagers
  • Good with seniors and/or disabled adults in the home
  • Gets along with cats
  • Gets along with small dogs
  • Gets along with large dogs
  • Other

Some Shilohs come from great homes, are well adjusted, but have to be given up due to extenuating circumstances of their owners. Some Shilohs may come from abusive or neglective homes and will require diligent work on behalf of the adoptor to re-train the dog as a reliable companion.

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