Current Puppies

profiling current litters from our breeder members

  • Chancelor/Ali

    b. October 12, 2016
    5 boys, 5 girls; all plush
    DreamCatcher Shilohs, Pennsylvania


    Ridgewood’s Ruler of His Domain
    aka Chancelor
    b. February 8, 2012 | brown sable plush
    sire: TD SP GR CH, GVx4, GrCanCH, rbCH
    Shenandoah’s Midnight Special CGN HIC TT ROM
    dam: brCH Ridgewood’s Gift From Heaven TT
    hips: OFA Excellent SLH-776E45M-VPI
    elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL537M45-VPI
    heart: OFA Normal SLH-CA599/53M/P-PI-ECHO
    dm: DM Normal/Normal, Gensol #28970, 8/2016


    bCHptd DreamCatchersMyKindofAli-Oop TT
    aka Ali
    b. March 1, 2014 | sabled black/cream plush
    sire: abiCH DreamCatcher’s Shadow Prancer CGC, TT
    dam: Nottingham’s Laerwen O’ Imladris TT
    height/weight: 26″ 75lbs
    hips: OFA Good SLH-796G24F-VPI
    elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL557F24-VPI
    heart: holter/c (1,0,0) 15M
    thyroid: OFA Normal SLH-TH293/25F-PI
    dm: OFA SLH-DM296/15F-NOPI-CAR

    Kelly Potance, DreamCatcher Shilohs
    website: www.DreamCatcherShilohs.com
    email: dreamcatchershilohshepherds@gmail.com
    Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

  • Ziggy/Bella

    b. September 15, 2016
    3 boys, 3 girls; all plush
    Kindred Spirit Shilohs, Florida


    NSx2 rbCH Stardust’s Rebel Rebel CGC, TT
    aka Ziggy
    b. April 24, 2013 | bi-black sable/silver plush
    sire: NSx5 MBIS bdrsCH Ridgewood’s The Jokes On You! CGN, CGC, TT
    dam: brCH Stardust’s Wish Upon a Star CGC, TT, ROM
    hips: PH L 0.18 R 0.23, no DJD >90th%; and
    OFA Excellent SLH-744E24M-VPI
    elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL509M24-VPI
    heart: holter/c (0,0,0) 8M; and
    OFA Normal Cardiologist SLH-CA544/25M/C-VPI-ECHO
    thyroid: OFA Normal SLH-TH281/24M-VPI, 2015
    TLI 21.3, 5/2015
    dm: OFA Carrier SLH-DM280/24M-PI-CAR


    BellaTerra@Dawn KindredSpirit
    aka Bella
    b. June 19, 2013 | black/cream plush
    sire: Can bCH Chetan of Genesis CGN, TT
    dam: NSx2 rbisGrCH KindredSpirit Tikaani v MtAiry CGN, CGC, TDI
    hips: OFA Good SLH-777G29F-VPI
    elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL538F29-VPI
    heart: OFA Normal Cardiologist SLH-CA571/28F/C-VPI
    dm: OFA Normal SLH-DM314/34F-PI

    Monica Popaduke, Kindred Spirit Shilohs
    website: www.kindredspiritshilohs.com
    email: ksshilohs@gmail.com

  • Conri/Caera

    b. September 1, 2016
    3 boys, 5 girls; all plush
    Celtic Shiloh Shepherds, Ontario

    devoteds-conriDevoted’s Dream Come True
    aka Conri
    b. May 2, 2012 | black/cream plush
    sire: bCHptd Zephyr’s Full Throttle RSS CGN, TOPC
    dam: bCHptd GG’s Autumn Rain of Devoted CGN
    height/weight: 28″ 105lbs
    hips: OFA Excellent SLH-696E24M-NOPI
    elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL465M24-NOPI
    heart: OFA Normal Cardiologist SLH-CA497/25M/C-PI
    thyroid: normal, practitioner (IDEXX 5/2014)
    TLI 16.0, normal, 9/2014
    DM: OFA Normal SLH-DM259/28M-PI


    NSx2 CanCH Shamrock’s Caera CGN
    aka Caera
    b. April 6, 2011 | golden brown sable plush
    sire: Semper Fi Major Smith TT, CGC
    dam: Atlantic’s Zeva For Shamrock
    height/weight: 27″ 107lbs
    hips: OFA Good SLH-713G41F-VPI
    elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL478F41-VPI
    heart: OFA Normal SLH-CA553/51F/P-VPI
    TLI 13.7, normal (2015)
    DM: OFA Normal SLH-DM298/46F-VPI

    We are very excited about this breeding. Conri has a loving, gentle nature that mirrors Caera’s own temperament. We look forward to puppies that are not only gorgeous but have a temperament and personality second to none.

    Lynn Carr, Celtic Shiloh Shepherds
    website: www.celticshilohshepherds.com
    email: ldcvr@bell.net
    Mississauga, Ontario
    (647) 881-9148

  • Keeper/Ivy

    b. September 1, 2016
    2 boys, 2 girls; 2 smooth, 2 plush
    JnL Pocono Shilohs, Pennsylvania

    Available Puppies


    Highlander’s He’s a Keeper
    aka Keeper
    b. March 10, 2008 | lt golden sable smooth
    sire: Highlanders Mr Myjestic-O-Zion
    dam: bCHptd. Highlanders Velvet Deelight
    height/weight: 29″ 96lbs
    hips: OFA Fair SLH 549F42M NOPI
    elbows: OFA Normal SLH EL331M42 NOPI
    heart: OFA Normal SLH CA433/52M/P-NOPI
    DM Normal/Normal, GenSol #100-22415, 2/2016


     JnL Leaves of Three of RSS
    aka Ivy
    b. May 12, 2012 | gray sable plush
    sire: NSx5 MBIS bdrsCH Ridgewood’s The Jokes On You! CGN, CGC, TT
    dam: Graced by His Rainbow of JnL
    hips: OFA Good SLH-723G29F-VPI
    elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL486F29-VPI
    heart: holter/clear, 9/2013 & OFA Normal SLH-CA533/34F/P-VPI-ECHO
    dm: Normal/Normal via parentage

    Jan Santini, JnL Pocono Shilohs
    website: www.jnlpoconoshilohs.com
    email: puppies@jnlpoconoshilohs.com
    Moscow, PA
    (570) 906-0710

  • Zillo/Zahara

    b. August 25, 2016
    5 boys, 5 girls; 4 white, 6 gray sable; all plush
    Azzaro Shiloh Shepherds, Virginia


    bCHptd Azzaro’s One In A Zillion Silver Stars …til Jupiter, OFA
    aka Zillo
    b. January 24, 2010 | silver-grey sable plush
    sire: raibCH Azzaro’s Silver Star “Z” Shenandoah, OFA, TT
    dam: raibCHptd. Azzaro’s Zebrina Golden Sunshine, OFA
    height/weight: 30.5″ 130lbs
    hips: OFA Good SLH-773G68M-NOPI
    elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL534M68-NOPI
    heart: OFA Normal SLH-CA566/68M/P-NOPI
    brucellosis: negative


    Azzaro’s Zahara Silver Sand Of Jupiter, OFA
    aka Zahara
    b. July 26, 2012 | silver sable plush
    sire: raibCH Azzaro’s Silver Star “Z” Shenandoah, OFA, TT
    dam: NS brCH Private Stock’s Beggin For Mercy, OFA, PENN, CGC, TT, HIC
    height/weight: 28″ 115lbs
    hips: OFA Excellent SLH-774E38F-NOPI
    elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL35F38-NOPI
    heart: OFA Normal SLH-CA567/38F/P-NOPI
    brucellosis: negative

    Azzaro Shiloh Shepherds proudly announces the much anticipated pairing of our 2 Silver-Grey Beauties, ” Zillo and Zahara.” This is a close line breeding with foundation bloodlines, from our spectacular boy, Azzaro’s Silver Star ” Z ” Shenandoah aka ” Zeus “. These puppies should posess everything we envision a Shiloh Shepherd to be, and it is those same lines for which we are known, and on which we have proudly built our kennel, Azzaro Shiloh Shepherds upon. We expect these two incredible Shiloh’s to produce exceptional beauty, grace and intelligence. We expect stable, soft to medium soft, laid back temperaments, gorgeous heads, large bone coupled with great height and size, dark muzzles, plus the most luxurious flowing plush sable coats, in varying shades of greys and silvers.

    Zillo has such a sweet and mellow temperament coupled with gorgeous looks and huge size. His coloring has turned to a true silvery grey sable with an intense black velvet mask. Zillo was our number one choice to stay here with us at Azzaro Shiloh Shepherds. He has all of the attributes that we look for when choosing a pup to go forward into our breeding program. Aside from being absolutely stunning, Zillo has now successfully completed all his health testing with flying colors. Zillo’s movement is incredible too, he trots as if he were floating on air, he’s so absolutely beautiful to watch, like a stallion running free in an open field. Zillo is definitely a momma’s boy, he follows me everywhere, and every night as we watch television, he rests his head on my lap and takes a snuggly nap. He is also a true foodie, he loves to try everything and anything at least once, especially if we’re eating it, even fresh fruits and vegetables. He is a character for sure, he definitely marches to the beat of a different drum. Zillo is….. all that……” One In A Zillion ” What A Sweet Special Boy!

    Zahara is an exceptionally beautiful and sweet girl. She is the total package, put together with fantastic size and height for a female. Zahara is a plush coated silver sable with shades of beige and frosty blonde running through her coat and feathering on her legs. She stands at over 28″ tall and has passed all of her health testing including OFA Excellent Hip Scores, which we are very proud of. Zahara loves to be the social butterfly of our pack, as she has the most charismatic personality that shines through in everything she does. At times she can be extremely silly and oh so playful, happily running around just looking for anyone willing to pay attention to her. Zahara also loves to go for long car rides and feel the fresh air blowing on her face and through her soft luxurious fur. Zahara has an incredible loving temperament and we feel she will make a wonderful and nurturing mother to her pups.

    We believe that these two magnificent Shilohs, “Zillo and Zahara”, complement each other perfectly and we look forward to this outstanding litter. We expect our pups to have sweet and loving temperaments, easily adaptable and able to be the perfect addition to any family. We also expect these pups to be successful in any venue their new owners may plan for their future.

    Nancy & Angelo Massaro, Azzaro Shiloh Shepherds
    website: www.azzaroshilohs.com
    email: Lob94ms@aol.com
    Esmont, Virginia
    (434) 977-0178