Current Puppies

profiling current litters from our breeder members

  • Shiloh/Gracie Lou

    b. May 16, 2016
    3 boys, 5 girls; plush & smooth expected
    BelleGrace Shilohs, Pennsylvania


    Chief Shiloh of BelleGrace
    aka Shiloh
    b. Nov 10, 2011 | brown sable smooth
    sire: NSx5 rbCH Brk Chapls Irish Red O Bearpaw TT, CGC
    dam: The Generals Daughter V Hilandr
    hips: PennHip L 0.35 R 0.36, no DJD
    elbows: OFA Normal (P/L)
    heart: normal, practitioner


    BG Willow’s Lotz O’ Heart
    aka Gracie Lou
    b. April 17, 2012 | light brown sable plush
    sire: bChptd BG’s No More Mr Nice Guy
    dam: BelleGrace’s Whip-O-Will
    hips: PennHip L 0.47 R 0.50, no DJD
    elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL485F30-NOPI
    heart: normal, practitioner

    Dawn Swick, BelleGrace Shilohs
    website: www.BelleGraceShilohs.com
    email: puppies@bellegraceshilohs.com
    Pleasant View, Pennsylvania
    (412) 999-3920

  • Shayne/Gypsy

    b. May 12, 2016
    3 boys, 8 girls; sable plush
    Island Shilohs, Bahamas


    GVx2 MstrSGrCh NSx5 Br ICC,Brick Chapel’s Beloved Shayne, CGC, TD, TT
    aka Shayne
    b. March 12, 2011 | Brown Sable, Plush
    sire: GVx4 NSx10 brsCH Beloved Zoey’s Legacy of Frack CGC, HIC, TD, TT, ROM
    dam: CHptd Brk Chapels Adolfina-O-Hilandr CGC
    height/weight: 29.75″ 115 lbs
    hips: PennHip L 0.20 R 0.15, no DJD, >90th %
    elbows: Normal #1553043
    heart: OFA Normal SLH-CA466/24M/P-VPI
    eyes: Normal CERF SLH-EYE2/24M-VPI
    thyroid: normal, practitioner
    TLI: 8.2 normal
    dm: OFA Normal SLH-DM192/23M-PI
    Brucellosis negative


    Islands Mystic Gypsy of Genesis
    aka Gypsy
    b. April 18, 2010 | black sable plush
    sire: sbCH Sequoia’s Tamarack TT
    dam: Genesis Northern Blizzard
    height/weight: 27″ 96 lbs
    hips: OFA Good SLH-582G24F-VPI
    elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL361F24-VPI
    heart: OFA Normal SLH-CA426/24F/P-VPI
    thyroid: OFA Normal SLH-TH221/24F-VPI
    dm: OFA Normal SLH-DM172/2F-VPI
    brucellosis negative

    This pairing is anticipated to produce wonderful medium soft temperaments, suitable as therapy dogs, service dogs, show & breed prospects and family members. The pups should be healthy, nice size, plush coats with great boning. Both Gypsy & Shayne bring ‘old line, foundation dogs’ to the breeding. Given the lineage of this pairing there is a possibility of producing some nice, solid white and/or solid black puppies! These pups should be marvelous examples of the Shiloh Shepherd breed in type, temperament and health! Watch for further information regarding a puppy from this litter. Please fill out the puppy application on the Island Shiloh website.

    Augusta Wellington, Island Shilohs
    website: www.IslandShilohs.com
    email: augustalynn@MSN.com
    Nassau, Bahamas

    Pat O’Hearn, Aspen Knoll Shilohs
    website: www.aspenknollshilohs.com
    email: pmohearn1220@yahoo.com
    Seabrook, NH

  • Duncan/Panda

    b. May 2, 2016
    5 boys, 3 girls; all plush
    Catoctin Shilohs, Maryland


    bCHptd Gazers My Shadow Of Catoctin, CGC, TT
    aka Duncan
    b. October 29, 2001 | dark gray sable plush
    sire: NS bCH Shenandoah’s Star Gazer
    dam: NSx2 aibCH Catoctin’s MySkye of Shenandoah ROM
    height/weight: 30″ 120lbs
    hips: OFA Fair SLH-188F26M-PI
    heart: OFA Normal Cardiologist SLH-CA33/12M/C-NOPI
    thyroid: OFA Normal SLH-TH37/26M-PI


      Catoctin’s Sunshine Pandemonium CGC, TDI, TT
    aka Panda
    b. March 31, 2013 | reddish brown sable plush
    sire: NSx5 BIS GrCH rbsCH High Caliber’s Dark Knight CGC, TT, CCGN, TDI
    dam: NS MSpr rCH Sunshine’s Lady Sophia CGC
    height/weight: 27″ 90lbs
    hips: OFA Good SLH-755G27F-VPI
    elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL522F27-VPI
    heart: holter/clear (0,0,0) and,
    OFA Normal Cardiologist SLH-CA530/23F/C-VPI-ECHO
    thyroid: normal, practitioner
    eyes: OFA Normal SLH-EYE23/23F-VPI, 2015
    DM Normal/Normal via parentage

    Catoctin Shiloh Shepherds together with Sunshine Shiloh Shepherds is extremely proud to announce the long awaited pairing between Gazers MyShadow of Catoctin, aka “Duncan” and Catoctin’s Sunshine Pandemonium, aka “Panda”.  This litter will produce all plush Shilohs with potential colorations of dark, rich, sable colors in reds, browns, grays and possibly duals.

    Duncan is the soul bloodline moving forward out of the well-known, magnificent and regal, gentle giant Shenandoah’s Star Gazer, aka “Gazer” blended with 2x National Select, multiple Breed and International Champion, Catoctin’s MySkye of Shenandoah ROM, aka “Skye”.  Duncan portrayed the distinct impression of nobility with a presence that offered intelligence, wisdom, strength and intuitiveness, all tempered with a kind, gentle demeanor. Duncan had a great zest in living and love of all life. He was a giant, gentle soul created from the pure lines of the most famous old bloodlines in the Shiloh Shepherds history with no outcross to sway that standard. Duncan was a magnificent male, who brings these qualities to the pairing: Superior structure, flowing movement, a large and noble head with perfect small triangular ears, a thick, stunning, plush coat, a perfect saber tail with a strong gently sloping top line where form and function come together in harmony. He loved children, he loved other dogs of all sizes and he greeted strangers with enthusiasm ready to make new friends. This will be Duncan’s first litter. He was a tremendous representation for the Shiloh with his courageous and self-confident spirit wrapped up in a heart of gold.

    Panda is a striking female with a sweet gregarious personality. She will approach strangers, children and other dogs with a soft and gentle nature. She makes a wonderful dog to meet the elderly, handicapped or disabled with these attributes. Panda also has intuitiveness beyond comprehension and reads her surroundings with accuracy and understanding. She has a steady and loving temperament with an attitude that shows her zest for life. Panda’s conformation is incredible. She has a beautiful head structure, with a broad, wide skull and a short broad muzzle. She has perfect front structure. Long muscular shoulders carry the oblique angles down to beautifully sculptured straight front legs and oval compact feet. Her topline is strong and well developed as it gently slopes into well-developed hindquarters. Strong, powerful, rear drive gives her an air of floating across the ground. She covers ground with ease as her strides reach out and carry her effortlessly. From the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail, Panda’s structure is as close to perfect as one can find. She brings to the litter a balance that will produce dogs that can excel in scent, herding, rally O, obedience and other types of strong, yet balanced, working dog mentalities. Panda is the “all in one”, rock solid Shiloh Shepherd. Her red tones, dark face and richly pigments create a striking and bold look.

    The combination of Duncan and Panda’s pedigrees are full of Grand Victors, Grand Victrix’s, Breed and International Champions well into the 7th generation. When considering these puppies think of the yin and yang interconnecting into the perfect Shiloh Shepherd. These two complement each other perfectly. They come together to guarantee that versatile, sweet, highly intelligent, intuitive dog that will be your forever companion, protector and family member.  Catoctin Shilohs is expecting everything the Shiloh Shepherd standard calls for in this litter. You can expect to receive loving, confident puppies with outgoing attitudes and loving personalities. We are expecting the progeny to have size, brawn, beauty, brains and grace with rock solid temperaments. These puppies will be perfect for families with children, small animals, and other pets, or for those that want to go beyond with a Shiloh in the show ring. These puppies will also excel in the herding, sports, athletic and obedience arenas for Shiloh Shepherds. This will be both Duncan’s and Panda’s first litter and we are expecting great things to happen.

    If you think you are interested in owning one of these incredible puppies please give us a call:

    Becky Althoff, Catoctin Shilohs
    website: www.catoctinshilohs.com
    email: catoctinshilohs@gmail.com
    Thurmont, MD
    (301) 271-3550

    Anita Tricoli, Sunshine Shilohs
    website: www.sunshineshilohs.com
    email: anitatricoli@yahoo.com
    Central East Coast, Florida
    (305) 335-8864

  • Corbin/Cortana

    b. April 23, 2016
    5 boys, 5 girls; all plush
    Mountain Top Shilohs, Maryland


    NSx2 brCH Blkwd’s Sir Corbin of Sunshine CGC, TT
    aka Corbin
    b. March 1, 2008 | gray sable plush
    sire: GVx6 NSx2 SP GR CH Sir Harley of Shenandoah CGC, ROM
    dam: NSx6 abrCH Catoctin’s Rae of Sunshine CGC, ROM
    hips: PennHip L 0.32 R 0.33, no DJD
    elbows: OFA Normal (P/L)
    heart: Normal, Cardiologist
    thyroid: OFA Normal SLH-TH158/24M-VPI
    eyes: CERF SHS-184F, 2009
    dm: OFA Carrier SLH-DM202/98M-NOPI-CAR


    MtnTop Cortana’s Shield of Steel
    aka Cortana
    b. February 2, 2013 | black smooth
    sire: rbCH Catoctin’s Peaceable Luke CGC, TDI
    dam: MountainTop’s Ziva of Atlantic
    height/weight: 28.5″ 93lbs
    hips: PennHip L 0.27 R 0.27, no DJD
    elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL504F24-VPI
    heart: holter/clear (0,0,0), and
    OFA Normal Cardiologist SLH-CA539/27F/C-VPI
    eyes: OFA Normal SLH-EYE27/25F-VPI, 2015
    DM Normal/Normal

    Mountaintop Shiloh Shepherds, Sunshine Shilohs and Blackwood Shilohs are proud, excited and pleased to announce the winning combination of Cortana/Corbin.

    Mt.Top Cortana’s Shield of Steel carries the genetic old line Shiloh pedigrees of Atlantic Sable Shilohs that are well known for their size, brawn and solid temperaments. Cortana is our pick female from our Ziva/Luke breeding. A striking solid black smooth coat; she is gregarious and funny, full of love, life and charm, this girl’s steady and solid temperament comes in a package that exemplifies the Shiloh standard. She is a friend to all; enthusiastic in life’s adventures, intuitive to her world, while devoting her soul to the love of her family.

    Blackwood’s Sir Corbin of Sunshine; son of Sunshine’s Harley; exemplifies the name to which he was given. Loving to all that his family welcomes in their doors, he still carries the protective intuition and superior intelligence that sets our standard above all others. Corbin set the Shiloh rings on fire earning his breed championship by 14 months of age proving brawn and size can still be a picture of harmonious balance blended together with true power in movement. With breed champion titles, Therapy titles and Temperament titles, Corbin has it all.

    Cortana and Corbin will produce both plush and smooth coats in grey sable coloration and a high possibility of solid black. This winning combination is expected to produce exemplar breed standard temperaments, solid breed standard “type” for those looking for that heart of gold, family member, large muscular heavy boned bodies, and wide broad noble heads. If you are looking to add happiness to your home in a true and loyal, bold and brilliant puppy, this litter is made for you.

    Jennifer Stanley, Mountain Top Shiloh Shepherds
    website: www.mountaintopshilohshepherds.us
    email: jennifer@mountaintopshilohshpherds.us
    Thurmont, MD
    (301) 271-7285

    Anita Tricoli, Sunshine Shilohs
    website: www.sunshineshilohs.com
    email: anitatricoli@yahoo.com
    Central  East Coast, Florida
    (305) 335-8864

  • Shak/Mariah

    b. April 17, 2016
    9 boys, 5 girls; all plush

    Stardust Shilohs, Pennsylvania


    NSx2 bCH High Caliber’s Noble Warrior TT
    aka Shak
    b. September 4, 2012 | black/tan plush
    sire: GV NSx5 GrCH rbdCH CanCH
    High Caliber’s Mountain Majesty CGC, TT, TDI
    dam: Shamrock’s Red Sparkling Diamond
    height/weight: 30″ 130lbs
    hips: OFA Good SLH-715G24M-VPI
    elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL480M24-VPI
    heart: holter/c (0,0,0) 10M; and
    OFA Normal Cardiologist SLH-CA501/21M/C-VPI
    thyroid: OFA Normal SLH-TH266/24M-VPI, 2014
    TLI 33.8, normal (2014)
    dm: Normal/Normal via parentage

    stardust-mariahGVx2 brCH Stardust’s Call the Wind, CGC, TT
    aka Mariah
    b. February 2, 1012 | bi-black sable/silver plush
    sire: Ridgewood’s Strongman
    dam: rbCH Stardust’s Wish Upon a Star CGC, TT
    height/weight: 27.5″ (wicket) 92lbs
    hips: OFA Good SLH-698G27F-VPI;
    PennHip L 0.31 R 0.42, no DJD
    elbow: OFA Normal SLH-EL467F27-VPI
    heart: holter/clear 8M; and
    OFA Normal SLH-CA476/19F/P-PI-ECHO
    dm: OFA Carrier SLH-DM251/29F-VPI-CAR

    Stardust Shilohs and High Caliber Shilohs are delighted to announce the breeding of two outstanding young champion Shilohs: GVx2 rbCH Stardust’s Call the Wind CGC, TT “Mariah” and NSx2 bCH High Caliber’s Noble Warrior TT “Shak”.

    Mariah is a Cinder daughter from our 2012 RSS Samson breeding. In less than two seasons of showing she completed her breed championship, attained ICKC Master Supreme Champion status, has been named 2014 Grand Victrix by both the ISSDC and TSSR, and is the fourth Stardust Shiloh to be named to the ICKC Hall Of Fame. She is an elegant plush black sable with silver highlights, regal bearing, with an exceptional topline and movement. Highly intelligent, she is willing and eager to work and please. Mariah has a very sweet, cuddly personality with people she knows, but can be a bit aloof with strangers.

    Shak is a handsome plush black and tan dual who is a 2014 2x National Select, for both the ISSDC and the TSSR, titles which he earned in only one weekend of showing. Shak is a very large and very sweet boy, a true 30 inch tall Shiloh, weighing in at a fit 130 pounds. He is a good mover in the show ring, even with his impressive size and very heavy bone. Add to that a huge head with great stop and dome, and this boy is a show stopper wherever he goes. But what we love even more is his wonderful temperament! This boy is calm and cool in all situations, earning 100% on his adult temperament test. He also gets along with all types of people and other dogs, and to him, no one is a stranger.

    This will be an all plush litter. We expect puppies with exceptional conformation, good bone, height, and deep rich coat coloring. Temperaments should be medium to medium-soft, possibly slightly aloof, willing to work and please their families.

    These puppies should make wonderful, loving family members; able to work in both obedience, and therapy.

    Gary & Traci Runyon, Stardust Shilohs
    website: www.stardustshilohs.com
    email: info@stardustshilohs.com
    West Chester, PA
    (610) 692-2429

    Kim Murnyack, High Caliber Shilohs
    will have a puppy available from this litter
    website: www.CaliberShilohs.com
    email: puppies@calibershilohs.com
    Central Pennsylvania
    (814) 387-0124

  • Joker/Cedar

    b.  April 5, 2016
    3 boys, 3 girls; 3 sable, 3 blacks; all plush
    Jnl Pocono Shilohs, Pennsylvania


    NSx5 MBIS bdrsCH Ridgewood’s The Jokes On You! CGN, CGC, TT
    aka Joker
    b. June 11, 2009 | Black Plush
    sire: NSx5 rbCH Brk Chapls Irish Red O Bearpaw TT, CGC, ROM
    dam: NSx2 brCH P&C’s One Too Many CGC, ROM
    height/weight: 29.75″ 120lbs
    hips: PennHip L 0.20 R 0.28, no DJD 90th percentile
    elbows: OFA Normal (prelim)
    heart: OFA Normal Cardiologist SLH-CA383/16M/C-VPI-ECHO
    thyroid: Normal (Dr Dodds)
    eyes: CERF Normal SHS-354107
    TLI 6.8 normal
    dm: OFA Normal/Normal SLH-DM141/33M-VPI


    Jnl-RSS Quest For The Best
    aka Cedar
    b. August 31, 2008 | light brown sable plush
    sire: NSrbch B&T’s Peacemaker of Shenandoah
    dam: Nor’Easter Winter Storm of Bolo
    hips: OFA Good SLH-497G27F-PI
    elbows: OFA Normal SLH-EL285F27-PI
    heart: OFA Normal, Cardiologist SLH-CA356/29F/C-VPI
    eyes: CERF Normal SHS-346584, 2011
    TLI: 9.78 1/25/11
    dm: Normal/Normal via parentage

    Jan Santini, JnL Pocono Shilohs
    website: www.jnlpoconoshilohs.com
    email: puppies@jnlpoconoshilohs.com
    Moscow, PA
    (570) 906-0710