• President, Lyn Segee
  • Vice President, Kris Ivarson
  • Secretary, Stacey Andres
  • Treasurer, Bonnie Miller
  • Past President, Jessica Snyder
  • Director, Monica Popaduke
  • Director, Nancy Schmidt
  • Director, James Skoor
  • Director, Terri Hayden –-updated 6/1/2018
Frequently Asked Questions, check here first...
Can you please recommend a breeder?
How do I become a Shiloh breeder?
How do I register my Shiloh Shepherd?
Are dogs automatically considered Shiloh Shepherds if they are a mix of German Shepherd and Malamute (or other breeds)?
Our Shiloh seems to have a medical issue. Can you help us?
I’m interested in a Shiloh Shepherd, but I don’t live in the US or Canada. Do you have breeders in other countries? 
I am interested in a puppy. I would like information the Shiloh Shepherd to help me make a decision. 
How do I join the club?
I found a breeder through your list and sent a deposit for a puppy, but now the breeder won’t answer my questions or respond to my emails or phone calls. Can you help me? 
I'm a breeder, how do I get listed in the Breeder's Directory

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