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Some of the breeders profiled on this page are "stud only" kennels. They are most respectfully represented because excellent stud dogs are an invaluable asset to any breeding program.

The year listed beside each kennel name indicates the breeders first year of involvement with what has ultimately become the breed of dog called the Shiloh Shepherd. This date is not an indication of how long each of these kennels have been actively breeding, although many have indeed been breeding since the first year of their involvement.


Profiles are available to all Breeder Members in good standing.

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  • [email] our webmasters to submit your litter advertisement; be sure to include name, sire/dam, health testing for both the sire and dam and contact information for the litter inquiries

Stud Book Listing

  • Stud Books are located in the Breeder's section of our Members' Forum
  • [email] our webmasters to submit a listing in the stud books; be sure to include name, sire/dam, health testing and contact information

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